Flood defence wall in North Lincs... Legato blocks

In November 2017 Elite was contacted by Glyn Ellis, Field Team Leader, South Ferriby Depot of the Environment Agency (E.A.) with an urgent request for a large number of Legato blocks.

The E.A. had a need to construct a temporary flood defence wall in North Lincolnshire and they were looking for companies who could supply high quality, high strength blocks which didn’t contain any recycled materials.

However the E.A. needed over 500 blocks to be supplied within a matter of days which would be used to protect the properties in North Lincolnshire from flooding. As Elite keep over 800 blocks in stock and are experienced in delivering large amounts of blocks over short periods of time they were the ideal choice.

As soon as the order was placed Elite began to dispatch the blocks to the E.A.’s yard in South Ferriby and Glyn’s guys were reported to be some of the best at off-loading blocks that Elite’s drivers had ever seen. The whole off-loading process is made safe and simple by the fact that each block has its own cast in lifting pin anchor – so for off-loading all that’s required is a suitable machine with a chain and hook.

Once all 500 blocks had been delivered Glyn’s team set about placing the blocks in strategic locations designed to prevent flood waters inundating local houses and businesses.
And then just a few days the later the walls were in place and ready for the late autumn storms that were set to batter the Lincolnshire region.

As Elite’s blocks are so durable – they will be ready to deployed at a moment’s notice for any other E.A. requirements in North Lincolnshire and Elite are on permanent standby for any other requirements anywhere else in the UK.

Elite Precast Concrete offer a wide choice of blocks and barriers for a huge variety of applications – just browse www.eliteprecast.co.uk for more options.

For more information or technical advice, contact 01952 588885.

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