Expert interview: 360-degree service to ensure reliable conveyor operations

Mario Delmaestro, R&D and Service Manager at REMA TIP TOP Middle East, on how the company worldwide integrates project & maintenance for better results in raw materials processing industries.

In mining, food and any other raw materials processing industry, continuous operations are essential to deliver sustainable performance and avoid financial losses. To ensure reliable operations, the entire lifecycle of transportation systems, from design to continued operation, maintenance and services must be planned and implemented in an integrated manner and ideally delivered by an experienced and quality-assured service provider. REMA TIP TOP supports its customers with proven experience, know-how and a worldwide service network to successfully manage the entire lifecycle of their conveyor systems.

Mario Delmaestro, R&D and Service Manager REMA TIP TOP Middle East, explains how REMA TIP TOP’s 360-degree service to not only helps its clients to increase the reliability of transport equipment but also to achieve the expected results of their projects, such as higher operational capacity, better maintainability, greater physical availability, etc.

Mr. Delmaestro, what are the challenges when planning a conveyor project?

From many years of experience and countless projects, we know that in many cases the reliability and operation of facilities are not considered sufficiently or at all in the development phase, which can lead to problems later in operation. Regardless of whether a new conveyor system is being built (green field) or an existing system is being modified (brown field), project development and maintenance should be planned and implemented in an integrated way throughout the entire life cycle. If the two areas diverge, for example because the project does not take subsequent maintenance into account, problems can arise and compromise smooth operations. That’s why at REMA TIP TOP we take a more holistic approach, analyzing all the factors that influence not only the technical development phase, but also the years in which the new equipment will be in operation.

What solutions and services does REMA TIP TOP offer its customers?

REMA TIP TOP offers services covering all phases, starting with the identification and collection of asset data, establishing a maintenance and failure history, as well as risk and technical analysis, including development calculations, material specifications and their applications, up to training and operational qualification, in order to achieve the results expected by the customer. In this way, REMA TIPTOP offers a 360-degree service, ranging from problem analysis and customer requirement to continuous monitoring, using an extensive portfolio of maintenance and monitoring services providing us with reliable data on the equipment and measures to guarantee the best results.

All these services are provided by professionals who have many years of experience in these fields and have completed numerous successful projects, guaranteeing the best and most efficient service for our clients. Moreover, at REMA TIP TOP we believe that the best way to make a project successful is to involve the customer at all stages. Through the exchange of knowledge and experience and in-depth discussions, customer involvement becomes the cornerstone for achieving superior results. Mutual partnership with its customers coupled with extensive know-how and experience distinguishes REMA TIP TOP from other suppliers.

What added value does REMA TIP TOP offer its customers?

First of all, it should be mentioned that REMA TIP TOP is a partner that not only provides the engineering, but also has several decades of experience to ensure the best transition and delivery of projects in terms of maintenance, which guarantees a complete delivery from a maintenance and operational point of view. Secondly, with its 360-degree service concept, REMA TIP TOP is able to provide all the necessary services in terms of design and maintenance of the highest quality and, last but not least, we offer the possibility of continuous monitoring of the equipment, using all the technical data provided by our monitoring systems for an effective strategy to monitor and control the equipment during its operation. The bottom line is that our 360-degree service is much more than the sum of its parts.

Mario Delmaestro is R&D and Service Manager at REMA TIP TOP Middle East. 

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