Environmental responsible Dust Suppression Solutions remain a key focus with Ace Plant

Ace Plant have been manufacturing and supplying Dust Suppression equipment for many years. During this time, we have developed individually designed machinery and adapted standard equipment to provide bespoke Dust Suppression.

With dust in the workplace being one of the largest issues in terms of health & safety, we actively engage with our clients and work alongside suppliers to enlarge the range of equipment available specifically designed to control dust.

Environmental responsibility, particularly in the control of water usage, remains a significant factor in the process of developing our new products.

Dust Suppression Units

For simple Dust Suppression, tractor and tanker combinations are available. Consisting of 5200L, 7200L & 9000L versions, our Dust Suppression Units are fitted with hydraulically driven vacuum pumps rather than PTO – maximising safety. These pressure-fed units are normally fitted with a rear splash plate, making it particularly suitable for dampening down residual dust on haul roads where a high-volume water application is required. We also offer a more compact 2250L unit which is fitted with a petrol driven water pump and rear splash plate. These 2250L units are ideal for smaller sites and they can also be used to feed water to the internal Dust Suppression systems of crushing/screening equipment.

Spinning Disc Option

In situations where water consumption is an issue, we have developed a hydraulically driven carbon fibre spinning disc assembly mounted to the rear of our larger Dust Suppression Units. The idea is that the spinning disc atomises gravity fed water into a fine mist so that an area is not soaked unnecessarily and is only dampened as required. Being gravity fed, this method uses less water than pressurised systems. The spinning disc makes water usage more efficient and more economical as it gives the operator greater control and a longer time between re-fills.

Rain Gun Option

When a more targeted approach is required, our rain gun provides an alternative solution. Powered by a high-capacity centrifugal hydraulic pump, a throw of up to 70m can be produced. Hydraulically operated from the safety of inside the cab of the tractor, the rain gun can be accurately directed onto stockpiles and other difficult to reach areas at a distance.


Our Quickspray telehandler/forklift/loader mounted unit provides accurate, efficient, and effective Dust Suppression - it also helps to ensure existing equipment fleets are used to capacity. Using the same carbon fibre spinning disc assembly as mentioned previously, the disc creates a fine mist that traps dust without soaking an area unnecessarily. The spinning disc makes water usage more efficient, economical and gives the operator greater control.

Dust Fighter

Our Dust Fighter fan assisted range offers a controllable low water usage solution. One item within the range, our DF7500MPT Dust Fighter, is complete with its own remote control. The unit can be aimed, turned on/off, and oscillated at the touch of a button. Fitted with a 2000L on-board water tank and 22KVA generating set, the unit is completely self-contained and has a throw of up to 40 meters.

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