Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity with Terex Washing Systems at Hoddam Quarry & Concrete Products  

Hoddam Quarry & Concrete Products a long-standing family-run business headquartered in Dumfriesshire, Scotland, has been a key player in the building materials and concrete supply industry since its inception in 1958. The company boasts a diverse portfolio of quarry materials and quality-assured ready-mixed concrete.

With a commitment to serving a wide range of clients, from large construction firms to individual homeowners, Hoddam Quarry & Concrete Products operates two sand and gravel quarries at Kilblane and Broom, along with a recently inaugurated hard rock quarry at Hazelbank, St. Ann’s.


In 2022, Hoddam Quarry & Concrete Products faced the challenge of upgrading their existing wash plant at the Hoddam site. The goal was to enhance efficiency, increase product variety, and streamline operations while maintaining the highest standards of quality in their offerings. The previous wash plant was becoming outdated, leading to inefficiencies in production and limited product options.


In partnership with Terex Washing Systems and their local dealer, Blue Machinery (Scotland) Ltd, Hoddam Contracting opted for a wash plant setup featuring the Terex Washing Systems M2100 and FM 120BW. This new installation revolutionized their washing processes, enabling the production of five distinct products: 2mm sand, 4mm sand, 4-10mm aggregate, 10-20mm aggregate, and 20-40mm aggregate, including a specialized type 1 product.

Key Features of the Washing Systems Plant:

Terex Washing Systems M2100:

The Terex M2100 is a high-capacity mobile washing unit that offers exceptional flexibility and efficiency. It is designed to work independently or as part of an entire wash plant system.

With its robust construction and easy setup, the M2100 allows for quick deployment and relocation as needed, making it ideal for Hoddam Quarry & Concrete Products dynamic operations.

The machine features a triple deck screenbox with a choice of modular top and middle decks, allowing for the production of various products simultaneously.

Terex Washing Systems FM 120 Bucket Wheel:

Terex Washing Systems FM 120 Bucket Wheel is a compact and versatile bucket wheel system designed for efficient material classification and washing.

Operating as a single or twin sand plant, the FM 120BW effectively removes silts, slimes, and clays from the final product, ensuring superior quality.

Its modular design and adjustable weirs provide Hoddam Quarry & Concrete Products with the flexibility to adjust product specifications easily.

Benefits of the combined Set-Up:

Product Versatility: The M2100, in conjunction with the FM 120BW bucket wheel, provides Hoddam Quarry & Concrete Products with the capability to produce a diverse range of products. The M2100's triple deck screenbox and modular design, combined with the FM 120BW's efficient material washing, allow for the simultaneous production of multiple products.

Efficiency and Simplicity: The M2100's easy setup and operation, paired with the FM 120BW's automated processes, streamline Hoddam Quarry & Concrete Products washing operations. This simplicity of operation reduces training time for operators and minimizes downtime.

Reliability and Performance: Both the M2100 and FM 120BW are known for their robust construction and reliable performance. Hoddam Quarry & Concrete Products can depend on these machines to deliver consistent results, ensuring customer satisfaction with the quality of their products.

Local Support from Blue Machinery (Scotland) Ltd

Partnering with Blue Machinery (Scotland) Ltd brought numerous advantages to the project:

Proximity: Being local meant that Blue Machinery (Scotland) Ltd could provide swift assistance, whether for routine maintenance or unforeseen technical issues.

Familiarity with Regional Needs: Blue Machinery (Scotland) Ltd team understood the unique requirements of Hoddam Quarry & Concrete Products operations, offering tailored solutions and expert advice.

Efficient Communication: Direct communication channels facilitated quick responses to queries and ensured minimal downtime for the wash plant.

Customer Testimonial:

"Terex Washing Systems and Blue Machinery (Scotland) Ltd have truly exceeded our expectations with the installation of the M2100 and FM 120BW wash plant at our Broom Quarry. The plant's ability to produce five distinct products has been a game-changer for our operations. We are particularly impressed with the simplicity of the setup and the plant's reliability.

The Terex M2100 and FM 120BW work seamlessly together, providing us with the versatility to meet the demands of our diverse clientele. Having the local support of Blue Machinery (Scotland) Ltd gives us peace of mind, although we haven't needed it yet, thanks to the plant's robust performance. We are so satisfied with the results that we have installed another FM 120BW at one of our additional sites.

Hoddam Quarry & Concrete Products looks forward to a continued partnership with Terex and Blue Machinery (Scotland) Ltd as we focus on delivering top-quality products to our diverse clientele."


The collaboration between Hoddam Quarry & Concrete Products Terex Washing Systems, and Blue Machinery (Scotland) Ltd’ stands as a testament to the success achieved through innovative solutions and local support. The installation of the M2100 and FM 120BW wash plant not only met but exceeded the customer's expectations, enabling increased product variety, streamlined operations, and enhanced efficiency.

As Hoddam Quarry & Concrete Products continues its commitment to quality and sustainability, they can rely on the expertise of Terex Washing Systems and the dedicated support of Blue Machinery (Scotland) Ltd to drive their success into the future.

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