enfinium diverts over 450,000 tonnes of emissions from the atmosphere in 2023

  1. enfinium diverted over two million tonnes of unrecyclable waste from landfill in 2023, preventing over 450,000 tonnes of harmful emissions from the atmosphere.
  1. Reports progress on the decarbonisation of its operations, in line with ambitions to achieve net zero across all operations by 2033.
  1. Donated £158,000 in grant funding through newly launched Philanthropic and Community Funding programme.


enfinium, a leading UK energy from waste operator, diverted over two million tonnes of unrecyclable waste from landfill in 2023. This meant that over 450,000 tonnes of emissions were diverted from the atmosphere, delivering a net positive carbon contribution to the UK’s net zero efforts.

In its latest ESG report‘Delivering a Sustainable Tomorrow’, published today, enfinium reports on its progress on delivering decarbonisation powered by waste. This includes new ESG targets for the next three years, in line with wider plans to deliver carbon removals at scale for the UK.

Currently, every year the UK generates around 27 million tonnes of waste that cannot be recycled or reused. enfinium today processes the UK’s unrecyclable waste into reliable homegrown power for the National Grid. In 2023, enfinium diverted over two million tonnes of unrecyclable waste from landfill, recovering enough electricity to power 500,000 homes. In the process, this prevented 456,320 tonnes harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere. enfinium is dedicated to achieving net zero across its operations by 2033, as outlined in its Net Zero Transition Plan. Its 2023 ESG report highlights progress along this goal. Efforts like installing gale breakers at its Ferrybridge 1 site significantly enhanced the energy efficiency of its operations. enfinium also reported a 37% reduction in Scope 2 emissions, driven by moving to a 100% REGO- backed tariff for all imported electricity across the operational fleet.

enfinium’s wider ambition is to transform its facilities into local ‘decarbonisation hubs’, powered by the millions of tonnes of unrecyclable waste the UK will produce for decades to come. Utilising its existing energy from waste infrastructure and carbon capture and storage technology, enfinium will have the potential to produce up to 1.2 million tonnes reliable, high-quality carbon removals by 2039. These decarbonisation hubs will also contribute to heat networks, private wire and generate electrolytic hydrogen.

Alongside tackling climate change, enfinium has been committing to protecting nature and biodiversity in the areas surrounding its facilities. In 2023, improvements to enfinum’s Parc Adfer site continue to meet the criteria for biodiversity net gain. Efforts to increase biodiversity at the site include leaving the western sloping banks fallow and annually monitoring intrusive scrub and tree growth, letting new wildlife move in and thrive.

2023 also saw the launch of the Philanthropic and Community Funding programme, supporting charitable giving, community funding, volunteering, and sponsorship for local communities and charities. with local charities. In 2023, the fund provided support to over 60 projects, totalling £158,000 in grant funding. These projects varied include financially contributing to the Brownie pack in Knottingley and Bee Present charity in Parc Adfer, to supporting the Dorothy Parkes Community Centre in Kelvin as well as the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance.

Mike Maudsley, Chief Executive Officer of enfinium, said: “I am incredibly proud of the progress we have been able to report on our ESG goals from the last year. enfinium is on an ambitious journey to decarbonise its operations and deliver high-quality carbon removals at scale for the UK, and so it is important that we monitor progress against these plans. I would like to thank the efforts of all enfinium employees whose tireless efforts have helped us along.”

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