Effective dust control for bulk material import operations

The SAMSON Ecological Hoppers
Environmental pollution by fugitive dust is a major issue for all ports handling bulk cargoes, with more and more national and local authorities across the world imposing regulations with regards to the air quality and control of dust during day-to-day operations at ports.

Although these regulations are becoming more common within today’s working practises, it has been a subject for discussion and debate for many years, which is why and how SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd have designed, developed and evolved the SAMSON Eco Hopper to become a successful solution within today’s market.

The SAMSON Eco Hopper is an economical and ecologically sensitive solution fulfilling all needs for the efficient import of dry bulk cargoes. The compact design is robust enough to cope with the tough conditions encountered in ports, and is designed to suit the characteristics and flow properties of virtually any bulk material.

Designed to serve as a single unit or in busy ports with multiple units achieving higher import volumes, the SAMSON Eco Hopper can be offered as completely autonomous unit or integrated as part of a larger import system. Receiving bulk materials from either vessel mounted or shore based crane grabs, the Eco Hopper employs a variety of dust containment measures before discharging the material into trucks, rail wagons, or onto mobile or static transfer conveyors positioned on the quay.

When material is discharged from crane grabs into a conventional hopper, particulates separate due to pressurised air passing through the material, hence dust pollution is inevitable and exacerbated depending on the type of materials being handled. SAMSON Eco Hoppers are equipped with state of the art dust control, which when combined with the “Flex-Flap” system proven by SAMSON, and mounted at the Hopper entry, results in an effective and efficient dust control and containment solution. Dust is returned back into the active flow of material ensuring no loss of product during the vessel unloading process.

Simplified static/fixed units are available, however SAMSON offers options on either pneumatic wheel or rail wheel units, both suitable for either towed or fully powered travel systems, designed in-lined with the customer and application requirements.

SAMSON can also offer conversion services considering customers’ existing import hoppers. Assuming suitability, a SAMSON conversion or upgrade can optimise processes, improve operational costs, and save on capital expenditure, whilst providing an economical and effective solution of dust control within port operations. 


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