Duo Group and SigmaRoc forge strategic  alliance to revolutionise sustainable aggregates supply in the UK

Duo Group, a leader in material handling and processing, and SigmaRoc, a major player in the UK and Northern European construction materials market, are proud to announce a groundbreaking strategic alliance to advance sustainable aggregate supply within the UK market. This 10 year agreement has the potential to generate incremental revenue of over £150 million aims to significantly reduce environmental impact by repurposing quarry waste.

Under the terms of the agreement, Duo Group will establish state-of-the-art processing plants at various quarries owned by SigmaRoc subsidiaries, Johnston Quarry Group and CCP Building Products Ltd. These plants will focus on processing “tip” waste, the by-product material often regarded as uneconomical in traditional quarry operations.

Innovative Waste Processing

Quarry tips, also known as spoil tips, are accumulations of overburden removed during quarrying processes. Traditionally, these tips were considered waste, with the majority of the material left unutilised due to older technology constraints. However, Duo Group, leveraging the latest in processing technologies from names such as Metso, Terex Washing Systems and Telestack bulk material handling systems, will extract valuable materials from these tips, reducing waste volume by up to as much as 60%.

By repurposing this previously overlooked resource, the alliance aims to extend the operational life of quarries, conserve natural resources, and align with sustainable development goals. This initiative also supports SigmaRoc's ambition of utilising 100% of all production materials, ensuring a more sustainable future for the construction and infrastructure sectors.

Operational Excellence

Duo Group will oversee all aspects of the new plant operations, including material preparation, load and haul, material processing, plant operation, and material dispatch. The use of advanced technology will ensure efficient extraction and utilisation of materials, transforming what was once considered waste into valuable resources for construction and infrastructure projects.

Leadership Perspectives

Martin McWilliams, Group Managing Director of Duo, expressed his enthusiasm for the alliance: “We are delighted to enter into this agreement with SigmaRoc. SigmaRoc has become a major player in recent years in the UK and Northern Europe. They have a clear roadmap on their growth journey and their ambition to reach 100% utilisation of all production materials. We are excited to be part of this journey. We share equal values in sustainability and innovation, and together, we can achieve significant milestones together by reducing the environmental footprint of the aggregates industry and helping to meet the sector’s ESG targets.”

Michael Roddy from SigmaRoc added, “We are delighted to partner with Duo Group on this project. This partnership marks another significant step forward in our commitment to sustainability.”

Agreement Finalisation.

The agreement between SigmaRoc and the Duo Group was finalised during the recent Hillhead exhibition in Buxton, Derbyshire, UK. Pictured are Michael Roddy, Managing Director SigmaRoc and Martin McWilliams, Duo Group Managing Director. Duo Group had a very successful Hillhead Exhibition showcasing the brands they represent and meeting clients from throughout the UK. However this agreement with SigmaRoc was the highlight of the event.


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