Dual drive centrifugal sifter has integral feed

A new model MOB-DD-SS dual-drive CENTRI-SIFTER™ centrifugal sifter from Kason allows independent speed control of the feed screw and helical paddle assembly, allowing each to be adjusted separately according to characteristics of individual materials for maximising feed control into the sifter and for optimum efficiency and capacity, it was announced by Henry Alamzad, president.

The speed of the variable feed screw can be entered remotely or by an operator at the control panel to feed material into the horizontal screen cylinder consistently at the desired controlled rate without the need for a separate feeding device, as required for repeatable sifting performance.  In the same manner, rotation speed of the helical paddles, which never touch the screen, can be adjusted to accelerate material against and through apertures in the screen cylinder at speeds sufficient to break down agglomerates and achieve desired throughput.

On-size particles passing through the screen gravity discharge through a flanged outlet to any downstream process. Oversize particles spiraling through the screen cylinder are ejected through its open end to gravity discharge through a secondary outlet for disposal or reprocessing.The sifter features a cantilevered shaft design, with no bearing on the hinged end cover, allowing internal components to slide off the discharge end of the shaft when the hinged end cover is opened for rapid cleaning, inspection or screen changes with no tools.

A fail-safe interlock system with multiple, non-interchangeable keys, prevents inadvertent operation of the electrical system when the hinged end cover, screen access door or feed screw access plate is open. The unit is capable of sifting dry or moist chemical, mineral, food, dairy or pharmaceutical products including those containing soft agglomerates, at rates to 27 tonnes/h.  

Mounted on a heavy-duty mobile frame, the machine can be rolled between processing lines and wash down stations as needed.It is available constructed with material contact surfaces of 304 or 316 stainless steel, or in all-stainless steel finished to sanitary or industrial standards, with explosion proof electrical systems, including ATEX compliant.  

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