Doyle Machinery supply BCC with a Arjes VZ950DK primary mobile tracked shredder.

As part of Countrystyle Recycling’s wider Biowaste Treatment Contract with Buckinghamshire County Council, Countrystyle Recycling and Buckinghamshire County Council have recently taken delivery of a new Arjes VZ950DK primary mobile tracked shredder from Doyle Machinery, to process the County’s bulky household waste at their High Heavens Facility near High Wycombe.

The decision process was based on a thorough examination of all the shredders currently on the market. After numerous demonstrations from all shredder suppliers, including Doyle Machinery with the Arjes VZ950DK shredder, it soon became clear that Doyle’s Arjes shredder was the most suitable machine for the application going forward.

The Challenge
Buckinghamshire County Council and Countrystyle were looking for a complete solution for the treatment of the bulky waste from ten of Buckinghamshire’s Household Recycling Centres across the County, and from four District Councils in the County.

This included the full operation of the facility, the shredding process for all bulky waste streams including mattresses and carpets, the transport to end treatment facilities and for the treatment and co-ordination of the treatment of such waste.

The Solution
Doyle Machinery Limited where approached to provide a shredding solution, and after analysing the waste stream decided to demonstrate one of the largest and most innovative mobile tracked shredder’s – the Arjes VZ950DK. Over a period of time, it was put through its paces and carried out various tasks to prove that it would be consistently capable of coping with all the various waste types long term.

The Arjes VZ950DK is the perfect machine to handle material of almost any type having been initially designed to shred cars and metals. Due to its mobile and modular structure, throughput, end product sizing and fuel consumption, it makes the shredder a financially viable solution. Countrystyle and Buckinghamshire County Council also took the full and comprehensive repair and maintenance contract with Doyle Machinery Limited for extra peace of mind.

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