Doosan Wins New A-Plant £3 Million Compressor Order

Doosan Portable Power has been awarded a new £3 million order for portable air compressors from A-Plant, the leading UK plant, tools and equipment hire company.

The new A-Plant compressor order comprises over 300 Doosan models, including around 60 of the innovative ‘Dual Mode’ 7/73-10/53 and 7/124-10/104 models from Doosan. The balance of the A-Plant order is made up of 7/20, 7/26EG, 7/41 and 7/41G single- and two-tool models, as well as the new 10/174 model, the largest single axle portable compressor from Doosan.

Andrew Hatton, Business Director EMEA for Doosan Portable Power, said: “We are delighted to win the new A-Plant order, which shows great confidence in the product range and the aftermarket service we offer. This is the biggest order yet for the new 7/124-10/104 ‘Dual Mode’ compressor and along with the 7/73-10/53 model, the growth in the numbers of these ‘Dual Mode’ models in the A-Plant compressor fleet is a perfect demonstration of the benefits this concept brings to the rental industry. The order also includes the first of our new Stage IV single axle 10/174 14.9 m³/min models offering excellent mobility at this capacity size in the A-Plant fleet.”

‘Two-in-One’ Solution for Rental Market
The innovative ‘Dual Mode’ feature incorporated as standard on the 7/73-10/53 and 7/124-10/104 compressors offers a choice of dual pressure and flow outputs on both machines that can be selected simply by pushing a button on the keypad.

These portable compressors provide a ‘two-for-one’ solution which replaces the need to have two different sized models in the fleet as used to happen in the past and offers much greater operational flexibility from the same machine for both A-Plant and its customers.

Both of the 7/73-10/53 and 7/124-10/104 compressors cover a wide range of applications, from standard pressure uses found in construction and utility markets to more specialist high pressure applications such as abrasive blasting, spray painting and optical fibre blowing.

On the 7/73-10/53 model, the operator can switch between ‘LO’ (low pressure mode: rated pressure 6.9 bar/free air delivery 7.3 m³/min) and ‘HI’ (high pressure mode: rated pressure 10.3 bar/free air delivery 5.3 m³/min).

Similarly, the 7/124-10/104 model can be switched between the low pressure mode with rated pressure of 6.9 bar and a free air delivery of 12 m³/min and the high pressure mode where the rated pressure is 10.3 bar and the free air delivery is 10.6 m³/min.

Andrew Winlow, Director of Purchasing & Fleet Management at A-Plant, said: “The ‘Dual Mode’ models make great commercial sense to us, as they are multifunctional and our customers can get more from them, which offers the potential to achieve a higher utilisation. Therefore we are aligning our fleet accordingly.”

The new Stage IV 7/124-10/104 compressor has replaced the former Stage IIIB 7/125-10/110 model. Combining advanced engineering with cost-effective features, the 7/124-10/104 model is designed to provide the ultimate in serviceability, durability and convenience.

The 7/124-10/104 is fitted as standard with a bund, protecting the environment by capturing fluid spillage, so that up to 110% of all on-board fluids can be contained and provides drains, centralised to the front panel. With the introduction of this new Stage IV version, a DEF level gauge has been added to the control panel.

The eight-button key pad allows the user to start/stop, load, select HI or LO pressure mode and scroll through the MidPort. The MidPort is an interactive digital display integrated in the tachometer, which allows the user to see selected engine and airend temperatures and pressures as well as features such as percent fan speed and engine load.

The MidPort display has three lines with up to 11 characters per line, providing the user with the code number and a brief description of an alert or fault. The LED MidPort power control button also has a time-out feature to prolong battery life.

The new 7/124-10/104 portable compressor is powered by the Cummins QSB 4.5 water-cooled diesel engine providing 97 kW (130 HP) of power and meeting emission regulations through the use of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) after-treatment technologies, without the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

Doosan’s Largest Single Axle Compressor
The new Stage IV compliant 10/174 model is powered by the Cummins QSB6.7 FR91440 6-cylinder diesel engine offering fuel efficiency, easy maintenance and high reliability. The diesel engine has an output of 168 kW (225 HP) at a full load speed of 2000 rpm and again meets Stage IV regulations without the need for a DPF.

The 10/174 has a free air delivery of 14.9 m³/min at an output pressure of 10.3 bar and offers a bunded base as standard for environmental protection and a well-positioned fuel tank featuring a large size filler to limit the risk of fuel spillage.

Like all Doosan compressors, the modular design of the new 10/174 compressor allows optional equipment to be added easily so the compressor can be adapted for specific applications, such as fitting an aftercooler and water separator system for abrasive blasting. An optional diesel engine exhaust spark arrestor is an important safety feature for hazardous area applications. Also available as an option is a valve to close the air intake to the engine to prevent damage due to overspeed should the engine begin to accelerate due to volatile vapours in the atmosphere. Other options include road lights, variable height running gear, the IQ control system, wheel chocks, a dual pressure switch and a low fuel beacon.

The wide opening doors and standard central drains contribute to the excellent serviceability of the 10/174, with all areas carefully designed for ease of inspection, maintenance and repair. This includes a removable back panel for easy access to the coolers and there is excellent storage space inside the unit.

Comprehensive Selection
Providing free air deliveries from 2.0 to 4.0 m3/min, the 7/20, 7/26EG, 7/41 and 7/41G portable compressors that complete the A-Plant order all operate at a working pressure of 7 bar and are aimed at standard pressure applications such as powering breakers and tools in road repair, demolition and refurbishment.

Every Doosan compressor is ‘built to be used’ providing the highest level of durability, productivity and serviceability. Well-positioned fuel tanks featuring large size fillers limit the risk of fuel spillage. Security features include a lockable canopy and lockable steel instrument panel cover. In addition, a folding lift bail reduces the risk of theft by keeping the lifting eye within the compressor enclosure.

The compressors have an intuitive, simple key-start sequence, ideal for rental companies because of the reduced risk of machine abuse by untrained operators. The user-friendly control panel offers an open layout of instruments and warning indicators.

Serviceability is also excellent, with easy access to all maintenance points. All areas have been carefully designed for ease of inspection, maintenance and repair. Service intervals for different compressor components have been rationalised to reduce associated costs for the customer and to increase utilisation in the rental industry.

The 7/20, 7/26EG, 7/41, 7/41G, 7/73-10/53, 7/124-10/104 and 7/124 models are part of a complete line of portable compressors from Doosan Portable Power comprising 24 different models, with free air deliveries between 2 and 45 m³/min and operating pressures between 7 and 25 bar, covering the full range of compressed air applications from construction, rental, utilities and manufacturing to quarrying, waterwell drilling and the oil and gas industry. The modular design ensures that a wide range of optional equipment can be added easily, such as the integral generators in the 7/26EG and 7/41G models ordered by A-Plant.

Andrew Winlow added: “Portable compressors remain an important part of our core plant business at A-Plant and are a staple plant requirement for our customers, with the vast majority of construction sites around the UK featuring compressors and ensuring there is always high demand. Doosan is a long term supplier to A-Plant and the two businesses have an excellent working relationship built up over many years and based on the great service and aftermarket care Doosan provides.”

A-Plant prides itself on having the most robust and intrinsically developed quality and safety management system in the industry. As the first national rental company in Europe to achieve complete certification to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards, A-Plant can ensure customers have complete confidence, backed by an ongoing commitment to improving quality and health and safety.

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