Develon Europe Uptime Centre up and running in Prague

Develon, formerly Doosan Construction Equipment, has confirmed its new Uptime Center for Europe is up and running at the company’s regional headquarters in the centre of Prague in the Czech Republic. The Prague branch is now part of a global Develon Uptime Center (DUC) operation headquartered in Seoul in South Korea, with more branches around the world, including those in Dubai, Ghana, Brazil, North America and Indonesia.  

The central focus of the DUC is to optimize machine uptime, ensuring that customers’ equipment operates efficiently and effectively. With the DUC, Develon aims to enhance customer productivity by comprehensively utilizing digital-based service technologies and by quickly resolving remote support requests from customers and dealers/distributors.

Monitoring Digital Assets Globally

At its core, the Uptime Center serves as a centralized hub for monitoring the health and availability of various digital assets. Aggregating data from diverse sources provides Develon with a comprehensive and visual overview of the critical systems and services of the machines. This allows the company to gain insights into system performance, identify potential issues and to swiftly respond to any emerging problems.

The DUC aims to offer customers a pre-emptive approach, transitioning from an initial reactive stance, addressing issues as they arise, to offering a proactive strategy. This involves anticipating potential problems and preventing downtime.

The formation of the DUC is based on piloting of the company’s Machine Monitoring Center (MMC) that started in 2021 and officially opened as the DUC at the end of January 2024 with an expanded scope of work to include customer-oriented remote services as well as monitoring.

Incorporating New Technologies and Processes

The Uptime Center aims to be an indispensable tool designed to provide Develon with a comprehensive and visual overview of critical systems and machine services. The Uptime Center actively incorporates new technologies and processes into its operations. This commitment to innovation is key to achieving and maintaining high levels of machine uptime.

Regularly monitoring fault codes helps Develon to perform preventive maintenance and avoid potential failures. Examining data from oil analysis provides insights into the condition of machinery lubricants, helping to identify potential issues and optimize maintenance schedules.

Maintenance monitoring via the analysis of maintenance data allows for equipment upkeep tracking, ensuring that regular maintenance is performed on schedule to prevent unexpected breakdowns. Big data analyses include studying vibration and load measurements on components help in understanding stress points and potential failures, enabling proactive intervention.

Studying historical data on equipment failures aids in identifying patterns and root causes, informing strategies to prevent similar issues in the future.

The main services provided by the DUC include Error Code Analysis, VR (Virtual Reality) Simulator, AR (Augmented Reality) Guidance, CAN BLACK BOX* and more. These are facilitated with remote service functions through various digital technologies.

* CAN BLACK BOX: Technology for remote diagnosis by connecting to the CAN (Controller Area Network) data bus, the internal communication network of the electronic components of equipment, with a Telematics System (TMS).

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