Construction site of the future – energy storage solutions for E-Mobility, hybridization and load optimization

Austrian based xelectrix Power GmbH is an internationally operating company specialized in energy storage, optimization and control.

Energy storage is a key technology necessary for a successful energy transition.

The brothers Dominik and Alexander Hartl recognized this early on, and in 2016 xelectrix Power GmbH was founded. Before that, the Hartl family had made an international name for themselves over eight decades through innovative developments, production and worldwide sales of construction machinery especially mobile screening and crushing plants. As one of the technologically leading and most innovative manufacturers, designers and developers of modular energy storage systems, the company is now pleased with the entry of the investors Lansdowne and Tansanit, who will secure the company`s global growth plans.

The rapid change in the energy industry, visionary thinking and, above all, the fact that diesel generators on construction sites are not only operated inefficiently and have high emissions, but are also a significant cost factor, motivated the two brothers to devote themselves to the development and innovation of new types of energy storage solutions. A visionary concept, several years of development and the subsequent production of modular energy storage systems and high-voltage battery packs with LFP cells were the result.  

The product range developed by xelectrix Power today provides energy storage solutions for both on- and off-grid applications, which are easy to install as a complete system (Plug & Play) and provide solutions for a variety of industries, including renewable energies, e-mobility, energy suppliers, network operators and especially, for the construction industry.

The construction and building industry contributes around 38% of global greenhouse gas emissions, of which construction machinery accounts for around 11%. The need for an energy transition in this area is unavoidable and needs to become a priority in order to achieve global climate targets. The course for a climate-friendly “construction site of the future” must therefore be set now.

With the hybridization of generators and the resulting reduction in emissions, but also maintenance, fuel and logistics costs, a major step towards the energy transition has been made in this segment.

The xelectrix Power Box can hybridize any generator, regardless of size, year of construction and manufacturer, with a simple plug-in solution and, in addition, can also provide the power of the generator plus the power of the battery to consumers.

The construction site of the future, for example in the inner-city area, will be designed to be CO2 neutral and the xelectrix Power Box offers the alternative to generators, which will soon be increasingly difficult to use due to legal regulations.

It works like this: The power connection on site (with the available power) charges the Power Box and this then makes the stored power available to the respective consumers (also with higher power requirements), i.e. the electrical construction machines. This also solves the problem of charging electrical construction machines on site.

In combination with xelectrix Power energy storage solutions, the use of mobile photovoltaic systems on construction sites is also conceivable and can be implemented in so-called mobile Micro Grids. Construction sites in the off-grid area can thus be supplied with clean energy which is produced on site, in a climate-friendly manner.

“xelectrix Power is to become one of the global players in the energy sector and an essential part of the energy transition in the construction industry and sees itself in the long term not only as a strong partner for the charging infrastructure, but also as an “Intelligent Energy Data Hub” that stores, optimizes and controls energy with innovative technologies!”, Dominik Hartl comments on the company`s vision.