Cemex unveils an updated brand as part of an ongoing evolution

Cemex unveiled today an updated brand in line with its ongoing evolution to help the world reach the next frontier of sustainable living, by becoming a more agile, innovative, and approachable company.

Cemex’s logo, changing for the first time in over 30 years, presents a fresher, closer, and more dynamic visual identity while maintaining key elements of the company’s legacy and storied 117-year trajectory. It reflects several transformative changes that the company has undergone in recent years to be at the forefront of the building materials industry, aiming to spearhead the industry’s transition towards innovation, digitalization, and, above all, sustainability.

“I am excited to present the renewed image of our company,” said Fernando A. González, CEO of Cemex. “But what excites me most is what is behind the change: a renewed commitment to helping our customers push the boundaries of sustainable construction through innovative solutions.”

Cemex’s ongoing evolution has been evident in several major strategic initiatives the company has launched in the past few years. With Cemex Go, the company kickstarted the digital era of construction, bringing to market the first-ever end-to-end digital solution for the building materials industry. By incorporating Urbanization Solutions as a core business, Cemex strengthened its focus on supporting the construction of resilient and sustainable cities where people can live better lives. Within this approach is Regenera, a Cemex company launched this year that focuses on being a leading partner in circularity solutions, particularly waste management.

Most recently, through the launch of Future in Action, its sustainable excellence program, Cemex committed to leading the way in decarbonizing the building materials industry with the most ambitious 2030 targets available to the industry and to becoming a net-zero CO2 company by 2050. The Science-Based Targets initiative has validated both of these goals. As part of Future in Action, Cemex created Vertua, a sustainable product portfolio that leverages cutting-edge technology and innovation. Cemex’s updated visual identity signifies its clear and decisive company transformation.

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