Business growth thanks to efficient RM crusher

Eddie Wannop Ltd. decides to invest again in an RM impact crusher...

The easy operation and fast availability of RM impact crushers were convincing arguments for Eddie Wannop. The increase in orders recently led to the purchase of an RM 90GO! crusher. The construction company from the North of England can now fulfil customer wishes with the usual high level of quality even faster. There are already signs of further growth beyond the previous fields and positive business figures.

"Without the RM 90GO! we would not be able to process the different materials so quickly or with such high quality. With the mobile impact crushers from RUBBLE MASTER we can work more efficiently and support our customers in their projects as a reliable partner. These are also the main reasons why our company has grown so quickly over the last seven years," says Eddie Wannop, Managing Director of Eddie Wannop Ltd.. He launched his company seven years ago in Brampton, near Carlisle in Cumbria. Back in 2011 the company purchased an RM 70GO! and began to recycle construction and demolition waste. Since then Eddie Wannop has been hiring new staff and now has 23 employees. His company currently operates in Cumbria, North East, North West of England and the South of Scotland. Business continues to develop in a very positive way which is why he is planning to expand in the County of North Yorkshire and with the purchase from Taylor & Braithwaite Ltd., the RM Sales Partner for the North of England, of the RM 90GO! he is ideally equipped to do so.

As a construction contractor he offers his customers not only high-quality aggregate from recycled material but also sand and gravel from the company's own quarry. Plant hire and Wannop housing developments likewise feature in Wannop's portfolio. A broad range of use for the flexible and reliable mobile RM impact crushers which can handle a wide range of material perfectly. The company's new RM 90GO! has been put straight to work in C&D materials, concrete recycling and crushing limestone. Due to its compactness of the new machine it makes it easy for the RM crushers to access even cramped sites. This flexibility and efficiency of the RM crushers comes from the typical RM DDE drive concept and the innovative RM GO! principle, which is constantly enhanced by the RM engineers and adapted to the needs of the customers.

RUBBLE MASTER'S DDE drive concept saves fuel
"RUBBLE MASTER has been using diesel direct drive on its impact crushers for 27 years. RM crushers were the first to do without hydraulic drives for belts and operate the vibro-channel and main discharge belt electrically. This saves fuel and therefore operating costs," explains Jaime McGlinn, Sales Manager at Taylor & Braithwaite Ltd.. "We decided again in favour of an RM crusher because we appreciate this efficiency and the high quality and we know that we can rely on the RM 90GO!," says Eddie Wannop. He saw the convincing high standards in development and production that go into his new purchase first-hand on a visit to the RM headquarters in Austria: “On my visit I was very impressed with the cleanliness of workshops, as well as the professionalism of all the staff.”

RM GO! principle – work efficiently and earn money
"Downtime costs money. An RM impact crusher which is in operation makes money. With this in mind, RUBBLE MASTER already developed and implemented the RM GO! principle for its machines years ago," says Jaime McGlinn, describing the background of the development of the RM GO! principle. A colour guidance system, for example, means that the machine can be operated quite easily and intuitively. The crusher can be started up and put to work very quickly onsite. The machine can be controlled and operated by one person who can run the crusher from an excavator or wheel loader via remote control. Eddie Wannop commented: "I may be repeating myself, but this easy, intuitive operation makes a big difference against other brands in daily use. Furthermore, an RM impact crusher is popular in plant hire as it enables you to handle jobs quickly and efficiently."

Gerald Hanisch founded RUBBLE MASTER in Austria in 1991 at a time when others were tentatively beginning to think about recycling construction and demolition material. The visionary Hanisch successfully developed an innovative machine 27 years ago.

In 1992 RUBBLE MASTER presented the first crusher for the recycling of materials left over from the production of bricks and asphalt or concrete debris. The aggregate obtained this way is used as filler material, for example. The breakthrough came for the global market leader in 1997. With exports accounting for over 97 % of business, RM is currently represented by 80 sales partners in around 110 countries in all continents of the world. Besides the core markets of Central Europe and North America the company also has satisfied customers in Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa and South America. For more information please visit

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