Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions builds fully automatic separation line for SK Polymers

Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions has received an order for building a fully automatic separation line for hard plastics with a capacity of 6 tonnes per hour by SK Polymers B.V. The unit will be delivered by the end of 2017.

SK Polymers - a joint venture between waste and raw materials manager SUEZ and plastic recycler Kempenaars - works on smart solutions to prepare hard plastics for recycling, enabling these to be used for high-quality raw materials to be supplied to the plastic-producing industry. Bollegraaf is proud to have been selected by SK Polymers for the design, production and installation of a highly advanced separation line in the Netherlands, which is partly making this possible. A significant factor in reaching this decision was the many years of first-class experience in producing, developing and installing total recycling equipment.

World-class player
“We chose Bollegraaf because we now have 7 years’ experience with Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions and the package of services they provide. Bollegraaf is innovative when it comes to advising and process supervision. Furthermore, they have a good service system”, says Eric Kempenaars, Director of Kempenaars Plastic Recycling. “This equipment will generate clear savings for us on process logistics costs.”

“By transitioning to automatic sorting, which equates to better sorting, we will be creating monoflows of an improved standard of quality, enabling us to provide high-quality raw materials and access a wider market”, explains Paul Valster, Director New Business at SUEZ.

Innovative and sustainable technologies
This fully automatic separation line can process around 6 tonnes of hard plastics per hour. It contains the most advanced technologies supplied by Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions from Appingedam in the Netherlands.

The unit will incorporate various technologies, including a shredder, optical separators and a sink/float tank.

The HSB series, so-called high-speed rotating machines, are characterized by their high capacity and low maintenance costs. Perfect for shredding such materials as plastics.

Optical Separators
Even the technology used for optical sorting is state of the art. The Pellenc ST Mistral+ is the only proven optical sorting machine on the market for effective treatment and sorting of all types of plastics for recovery and recycling. By making use of near-infrared and vision technology, Pellenc’s Mistral machine is equipped with the most advanced technology in the optical sorting industry. 

Sink/Float tank
This separation technology has two purposes within the compass of the process, the first of these being to remove impurities. During the follow-up step the types of plastic are effectively separated from one another based on their individual buoyancies.


  • Capacity: 6 tonnes per hour
  • Input: Municipal hard plastics / Environmental Parks
  • Surface area ca. 2.000m2
  • Recyclables: PP, PP-talk, PE, PS, PO, ABS.
  • Technologies: 
  • Bollegraaf Drumfeeders, Shredder, Rotoscreen, Optical Sorters (4x), Sink/Float tank, Magnet, Storage bunkers, Windshifter, Eddy current, conveyors

Associated Businesses

  • Rugeley, WS15 1RE