Blue LED light from TYRI helps reduce accidents

TYRI, leading manufacturer of work lighting, introduces the D8 BluePoint to their range of warning lights. The D8 BluePoint projects a large blue LED light in a shape of a square on the ground in front of, or behind a machine, and thereby prevents and minimizes accidents around moving vehicles. 

As part of the TYRI range of warning lights, the D8 BluePoint increases safety and minimises the risk of accidents around machinery. This industry leading concept allows safety to be visual instead of relying solely on sirens and alarms, especially in noisy environments where hearing is difficult. The LED light projects a coloured, concentrated light beam as a large, visible square on the floor in front or behind the machine. This early warning signal alerts workers that there is a machine approaching.
The D8 BluePoint has not only a stylish design, it uses technological advances in both efficiency and costs whilst providing outstanding performance and light output.

Built according to TYRI’s quality standards, the D8 BluePoint has been tested to meet TYRI’s toughest standards in vibration and shock as well as the highest industry standards such as IP69K and salt spray ASTMB117. The certification of EMC EN61000-6-3 determines that the D8 BluePoint does not interfere with other surrounding electronic products or machines. This makes the TYRI D8 BluePoint one of the most reliable models available.

“TYRI’s research and development team work hard to meet the needs of our customers with cutting edge design and efficiency. The D8 BluePoint has been developed to satisfy a need for a small, high output work light which not only performs in the toughest environments but also had improved efficiencies and delivers on safety.”, stated Christian Wadell, TYRI’s Research and Development Director.

The D8 BluePoint will available in Q1 2018.