Biowood Smartphone App promises faster payments for waste industry weighbridge tickets

Cutting the hassle & complexity of certified waste disposal...

Biowood Recycling, which provides a fully managed and certified waste collection and disposal solution to customers up and down the supply chain, has launched a new Smartphone App to drive performance and speed administration across the recycling sector.

Designed exclusively for Biowood’s expanding network of over 50 haulage partners, operating thousands of trucks, the new App will help cut the administration of paper-based weighbridge tickets and waste transfer notes. Additionally, this will provide instant communication for drivers with logistics staff and account managers at Biowood Recycling head office. This in turn will speed up payments across the sector.

With a focus on traceability and compliance, the waste industry is dependent on accurate weight information and data for every vehicle movement. Weighbridge tickets and transfer notes are a key element, essential for invoicing and payments. But poor audit trails with missing or delayed weighbridge tickets are all too typical, delaying invoice reconciliation and payments across the sector.

“Poor cash flow and delayed payments are an industry wide problem,” says John Walls, Commercial Director at Biowood Recycling. “We believe the new App will significantly reduce the processing time commonly experienced with delayed weighbridge tickets, provide improved client reporting and dramatically speed up payment processes throughout the waste chain.”

Equipped with the new App, drivers and weighbridge operators will be able to log and transmit weighbridge data, complete with an image of the ticket, synchronizing information in real time with Biowood Recycling’s head office systems.

While paper originals will still be required for record keeping, Biowood says the new App will help to cut weighbridge ticket and invoice reconciliation from days and weeks, to just a few hours, benefitting all parties in the waste network, from suppliers, haulage operators to reception sites.
One of Biowood’s current haulage partners, Greenhaul, is among the first to trial the App.

Director Simon Lee says: “We are really happy that Biowood has released this solution – a lot of our time is currently spent matching up tickets for processing and we are looking forward to using the App and gaining that valuable time back! Plus, the fact that we will get our invoices paid faster whilst we have less paperwork to do – it’s a no-brainer!

Initially released on the android platform, the Biowood App is free to download from Google Apps, with plans for a later version to be available on iOS.

With growth rates of 30% year on year, Biowood Recycling recently extended its network expertise in waste wood biomass to cover general waste including black bag, RDF and SRF, providing high quality collection and recycling solutions to customers across the UK.

John Walls added: “Our strength lies in marrying up waste producers, hauliers and fuel processors to deliver a higher level of service, greater certainty and better prices for our customers. A focus on internal systems with real time job data ensures complete visibility allowing us to react rapidly to changing conditions, spot opportunities for our clients and ensure a fully documented compliant service with one point of management.”