Bell asks customers, ‘How’s your PULSE?’

Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) specialist, Bell Equipment, has over thirty-five years of experience in ADT design and manufacturing and continues to pioneer new innovations and technologies. CONEXPO, Las Vegas, provided Bell an opportunity to showcase new products developed to meet the specialized requirements of the North American market along with the B45E and B50E featuring the latest Mark 3.0 upgrades introduced across its ADT range...

President of Bell Equipment North America, Neville Paynter, says: “Specialist design and delivery of the most comprehensive range of ADTs in the world have placed Bell as the healthy first choice for ADTs. At CONEXPO, Las Vegas the company were asking customers, ‘How’s your PULSE?’ as we examine the main drivers of decision-making: Production, Uptime, Low Operating Cost, Safety and Economy and how they apply to our ADT range.”

Offering the largest and most advanced range on the global market, Bell ADTs are designed for high productivity and lowest ownership cost while also offering the highest level of automated machine protection. Innovation is a key strength with each generation of ADTs evolving to be smarter and make customers’ lives easier.

Engine power and fuel consumption have been optimized on the E-series trucks through proprietary software that determines the best possible timing for retardation, cooling and charging of accumulators. An electronically controlled direct-drive engine fan provides fuel efficient cooling.

Building on this foundation of fuel efficiency is our extensive use of high-strength, lightweight materials that give Bell trucks a great balance between vehicle weight, strength and durability. This philosophy is rigorously applied across the range, from our smallest 20-ton truck through to our imposing 60-tonner.

Other uptime boosting features include world class onboard diagnostics with live stream functionality and Bell Equipment’s own satellite fleet management system.

A world-class ADT requires a drivetrain of the same calibre and Bell is able to choose from the best drivetrain technology available and has matched Mercedes Benz engines with Allison transmissions. The E-series trucks feature FuelSense® 2.0 transmission calibrations with equation-based shifting. The calibrations optimize fuel consumption and truck performance by varying the shift points to match the haul profile with higher shift points on steeper gradients and lower shift points on flatter terrain. This means that the truck often shifts at a lower rpm for better efficiency while providing an improved experience for operators.

Paynter adds that in addition to meeting the product requirements of North American customers for ADTs, Bell has made a sizeable investment in its American Logistics Centre in North Carolina. This ensures the company is able to meet the aftermarket requirements of a growing machine population and the expectations of its customers. “The Bell brand is defined by ‘Strong Reliable Machines, Strong Reliable Support’ and it is important that we offer both aspects in all parts of the world where we sell machines.”