BAA appoint Lindsey Rudd

BAA are delighted to announce the appointment of Lindsey Rudd from TVS Interfleet and McPhee Mixers as Chair of the newly formed BAA Concrete Division Working Group...

BAA Transport Director Mark Cowan initially formed the working group to bring the industry together to develop standards across the sector. 

The first task was to create a National Occupational Standard for operating Concrete Mixers. After the group's inaugural meeting held recently at the National Fluid Power Centre in Worksop, it was clear that the group could bring an even more significant benefit to the sector. 

Mark Cowan told us, "For me personally, it was great to see the mixer manufacturers involved in the process, and it shows how important collaboration is in improving safety across the industry. 

To have their input from an OEM perspective can only be seen as a positive as we look to bring our sector up to date and develop standards for this specialist sector. 

The support by Lindsey and Darren Sheppard at TVS Interfleet, Adam Wilcox and Simon Cook from Liebherr, and Jarl James and Paul McLean from Sterling Mixers and their contribution to this groundbreaking group will hopefully support the industry in years to come."

Approaching Anthony Elgey from Minerals Matters, the BAA wanted to ensure good representation from the wider industry. Anthony's background was something that the BAA Transport Committee felt played an essential role in developing some of the standards needed. 

Anthony told us, "Starting in the industry as a concrete technician, concrete was the first thing that hooked me into this great industry. Now, working for Minerals Matter, I am proud to have been asked to support employers develop a National Occupational Standard for ready mixed truck operations. Lindsey, with the full support of TVS Interfleet, is an inspired choice to chair the working group, and I look forward to working with Lindsey."

Mark Cowan continued, "It was apparent after talking to Lindsey after the meeting and some of the ideas he had for the group, not just developing a NOS, but what other benefits this group could bring to the industry, that he would be the ideal candidate for the role of Chair. 

Having a Chair with a wealth of industry experience, enthusiasm, and dedication to making the industry safer speaks volumes about what we want to achieve. 

Planning for the next meeting is well underway, and an invitation has gone out to operators, both large and small, as we continue to engage with everyone on these standards. 

Having the likes of DVSA, the Police and top road transport barrister Richard Dawson, involved in the future will help us bring clear and concise information to everyone involved."

Group Sales Director for TVS Interfleet, Lindsey, has first-class experience and knowledge of Concrete Mixers and was honoured to accept the role.

"I do believe getting the RIGHT people around a table like yesterday and harvesting their knowledge and experience is the only way to tackle the issues we're facing. 

Gavin Brain from EMPI Awards, the MPA transport committee, represented by Garry Lewis from Tarmac and Andrew Cox from MP Skills, demonstrated that we could make a real difference through open dialogue and a collaborative approach. 

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it, and I look forward to working with everyone to change the face of this industry for the better."

If you're an operator of concrete mixers and would like to know more about getting involved in the group, don't hesitate to contact and see how you can play a part in shaping the future of the industry. 

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