All-purpose screening machine – The Evolution from SPALECK

Modern screening machines need to meet ever more extensive demands. Extremely efficient recycling is becoming more important in view of increasing resource scarcity. At the same time, a greater variety of materials are now being used, and substances with different properties and shapes need to be quickly processed in the same machines. Material prices also change quickly, which is why flexible solutions and short retrofitting times are now of vital importance to the recycling industry. SPALECK understands the implications of these developments. The Bocholt-based screening technology manufacturer has therefore become the leading international contact partner for all issues relating to user-friendly and economical screening technologies that conserve resources.

“Through constant contact with our customers and an extensive exchange of information with those who directly use our products, we always know where changes need to be made and improvements implemented,” says Christian Lake, Head of Sales at SPALECK. “This allows us to continuously develop products that are more efficient and more flexible, and therefore more user-friendly.” The longstanding company, which was established in 1869, will be presenting the results of this innovative approach at ISRI, WasteExpo and IFAT 2018.

The best of mobile and stationary screening technology

Along with its well known tried and tested “Terex Finlay 883+ SPALECK” unit, which is one of the most successful and best-performing machines on the international market for mobile screening technology, SPALECK will also be presenting a whole range of new products at IFAT. All of these products are a result of masterful design and development. The highlight here is the “Evolution,” which is a high-end screening machine that makes the screening of the most diverse types of materials easier and more flexible than ever before.

The Evolution is perfect for screening and processing pre-shredded materials. It can be used to produce up to four different screening fractions with just one machine – even in extreme outdoor conditions. “The Evolution is equipped with additional innovative features from SPALECK, making it the ideal solution for the demands placed on modern screening technologies today,” says Frederik Stening, Head of Application Engineering at SPALECK.

Unique flexibility for alternating materials

The extremely efficient SmartSUSPENSION air spring system is a radical new development here. The new technology reduces vibration levels to an absolute minimum and eliminates the need for an additional isolation frame. “SmartSUSPENSION isolates vibrations much more effectively than standard air spring systems – up to 99 percent in fact,” Stening explains.

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