Ace Plant launches new ‘Bucket Bundie Store’ product

The tested, proven and patented Bucket Bundie Store is becoming more and more popular within the mineral extraction and recycling industry.

The beauty of the Bucket Bundie Store is its simplicity. There is no need for lifting with chains or slings which is becoming more difficult to do in the industry in terms of health & safety. Simply utilising the loading shovel already on site negates the need and risks involved with lifting. Furthermore, there is no need for a pallet fork attachment. This saves both valuable time and money when transporting the unit around sites and between site.

Unlike a towable unit, the Bucket Bundie Store is also able to gain safe access to difficult spaces and tight areas. What’s more, visibility can be a real issue when reversing towable units and the need for expensive camera kits is often the solution for this, however, the Bucket Bundie Store is no wider than the loading shovel bucket itself so anywhere the loading shovel can gain access to, so can the Bucket Bundie unit.

John Ingham of Paul Chapman and Sons Ltd thought of the original idea. John is a user of our Bucket Bundie Bowser product and he was looking for a solution to safely and securely store oils, greases, filters, bucket teeth etc all in one safe place on site.

Once John’s requirements had been carefully considered, the Bucket Bundie Store was eventually born. The Bucket Bundie Store has bunded storage for 4 x 25L drums as well as lashing points throughout. The rest of the space in the unit remains un-obstructed in order to store all kinds of different products and equipment. Items are stored all in one place and can be easily and safely transported around site as required.

Due to the fact that everything can be stored together and left on site reduces the amount of personnel and supply vehicle movements saving both time and money. This also reduces the impact on the environment. Reduced plant and personnel on site reduces the risks associated with plant and personnel interaction making sites a safer place. By storing items in a secure vessel on site cuts down on the need to transport heavy consumables and spare parts back and forth from site at night in the back of vans. This improves fuel efficiency greatly, again reducing the impact on the environment.

Complete with fully removeable gridded flooring for ease of cleaning, the sump areas are ideal for capturing any small spillages. The colour and internal layout of the Bucket Bundie Store can be bespoke built to suit customer requirements.

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