AAF introduce the FabriPulse® EV

This week, AAF International, a global pioneer in air filtration technology introduces the FabriPulse® EV, the newest member of the FabriPulse® family.

The FabriPulse® EV is a continuous-duty, versatile dry dust collector designed to handle the most difficult product recovery applications and can be used as an integral part in the following applications: belt conveyers, hoppers, mixers, pneumatic conveyers, silo venting and truck discharges. The design of the FabriPulse® EV allows maximum airflow and efficiency and is available in various sizes with filtration areas ranging from 4m2 to 80m2 and can handle airflow volumes from 400m3/h to 10,000m3/h.

Engineered to give years of efficient service and minimum downtime, the FabriPulse® EV has an intelligent modular design that reduces freight and installation costs. Requiring a minimal space envelope, it is easy to install and service and meets the stringent efficiency requirements mandated by today’s environmental regulations.

Each unit has a filtration efficiency level over 99% and there is also a variety of bag media options depending on the individual application. A full range of sizes and types of bags are available for a wide variety of dust collection applications with seven configurations to suit most process applications. Proven envelope-shaped bags are scrim-supported singed polyester, promoting longer bag life and fewer bag changes. Bags can be installed hanging vertically, horizontally or any angle in between.

Finally, the FabriPulse® EV was designed with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in mind. We offer customisable branding options and volume guarantees. Our goal is to help OEM’s increase their sales and to stand out from their competition.

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