AAF introduce OptiFlo® MP introduce OptiFlo® MP

This week, AAF International, a global pioneer in air filtration technology introduces the OptiFlo® MP, the newest member of the OptiFlo® family.

The OptiFlo® MP is a compact dry dust collector ideal for venting small volumes of dust laden air and can deliver superb air cleaning and extended filter life using REDClean® Media Technology. It is the optimum solution for a variety of air quality problems and can be used as an integral part of processes in a vast range of industries such as; materials handling, powder processing, chemical, plastics, food and pharmaceutical.

The OptiFlo® MP is available in two sizes, 2.2m2 and 4.4m2 filtration areas, in a standard venting unit or as a fan-assisted version. The venting unit can handle air volumes from 100 - 800m3 per hour and the fan unit is rated up to 225m3 per hour @150mm WG.

The OptiFlo® MP is specifically designed to make maintenance a quick and easy operation with a filter being replaced in minutes. The collector has the option of a centrifugal extract fan, motor and exhaust silencer, usually mounted on the top of the equipment subject to the required layout. Different sizes of exhaust fan can also be provided, depending on exact customer requirements.

Available in AISI 304 & AISI 316 stainless steel and designed to meet ATEX regulations for combustible dust hazards, it ensures compliance with the relevant health and safety legislation. The compact design of the OptiFlo® MP makes it ideally suited for the modern workplace, offering total flexibility for the variable nature of global demand.

Finally, the OptiFlo® MP was designed with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in mind. We offer customisable branding options and volume guarantees. Our goal is to help OEM’s increase their sales and to stand out from their competition.

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