A solution to the problem of rainwater collection on belt conveyors.

Portable Vacuum Solutions has just started to market the VB SPAR from R. Brunone.

The VB SPAR is an innovative answer to the issue of rainwater collection on belt conveyors. This can be a particular problem when starting the conveyor where issues such as mud and wet material can have a detrimental effect on the life of the conveyor through increased wear.

As with all good ideas there is nothing complicated about the VB SPAR. It consists of a chassis on which a roller station is mounted; the chassis can be fixed to any suitable part of the belt conveyors framework. Then, prior to the conveying any product, the roller station is simply lowered on to the moving belt thereby pushing any rainwater off the belt and onto the ground or into guttering for collection. The VB SPAR can be operated either automatically from the control room or manually on site.

The VB SPAR is available for belt widths of between 500 to 1800 mm.

Associated Businesses

  • Billingham, TS23 4BX