20,000 and counting

Across all industries there will invariably be a product or component that is the ‘Standard’ for that industry. Well, here is another product to consider: The DMN-WESTINGHOUSE PTD Plug Type Diverter.

What has the PTD diverter got to justify this accolade we hear you ask? It’s fairly simple really. In addition to being a truly iconic design compared to other types of diverter on the market, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE has just sold the 20,000th PTD since its launch in 2002.

The PTD was designed to route powders and pellets and to do so with minimum degradation under pneumatic conveying conditions. Also, the PTD can be installed in any powder processing system which handles powder or granules - chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, food – and because of its relatively light weigh it can be installed in elevated locations which gives system designers a range of options not generally available with other diverters.

When DMN engineers designed the PTD, they made absolutely sure that every model in the range was maintenance friendly. Servicing, cleaning and, if needed, seal replacement is really easy. What is more, there are no external moving parts; all the control systems are housed within the casing. Finally, the PTD conforms to all the current legislation: not just within Europe, but globally.
So is the PTD an industry ‘Standard’? With 20,000 sales in just 16 years, most definitely it is!

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  • Calne, SN11 9PT