HUB-4 Team visit Bullimores

Bullimores further invest in Hitachi.

A family owned and operated company, Bullimores commenced trading in 1907 as hauliers and coal merchants. They became quarry owners in the sixties, with diversification into the plant hire business in the eighties and more recently a skip hire business in the nineties.

Today the company operate two limestone quarries: Collyweston near Stamford and Woolfox near Oakham; both of which have seen investment in the Hitachi brand of wheeled loaders and excavators.

Collyweston was leased by the company in 1980 and is approximately 200 acres with 5 years of reserves currently remaining. It supplies 250,000t/annum of a sub-base aggregate to contractors in Peterborough, Corby and Kettering where it is generally used for new warehouses and some housing,

It’s a very busy operation which operates between 52-60 hours per week and much depends on reliable equipment that process the material on a daily basis. Blasted material is crushed and screened and stockpiled when it is then handled by two Hitachi wheel loaders

Nick Bullimore – Director, takes up the story, “We invested in the Hitachi brand because of their reputation and took our first Hitachi ZW310-6 at Collyweston two years ago, after a positive demonstration which included a very attractive price and warranty package. 

“We do have a large number of smaller Hitachi machines in our plant hire business so when we needed a second machine some months later, we were offered the same package and because of our positive past experiences with the brand it wasn’t a difficult decision!”

Both machines were supplied with a service package and are serviced every 500 hours. Both are fitted with L5 tyres which although a harder ride completely eclipses the wear rate on L3 tyres.


The ZW310-6 wheeled loader:

Incorporating Hitachi’s unique technology that has been specially developed for the ZW-6 medium wheel loader range. The ZW310-6 is extremely versatile for a variety of industry solutions and offers exceptional levels of performance without compromising on efficiency, due to low levels of fuel consumption.

This model underlines Hitachi’s unwavering focus on manufacturing high quality, reliable and durable products that are built for reliability in challenging working conditions.


Driven by technology:
Driven by technology the Hitachi ZW310-6 offers reduced maintenance with a new Stage IV-compliant engine which contains a high-volume cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system, a common rail-type fuel injection system and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) without DPF. This helps to reduce fuel costs and maintenance requirements.

Fewer emissions are achieved by an after-treatment device consisting of a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), urea mixing pipe, SCR system and silencer. This advanced technology is designed to reduce emissions as well as noise levels.

Optimum performance on the ZW310-6 is achieved by a multifunctional LCD colour monitor that shows useful information at a glance, such as fuel and urea levels, oil temperature and power modes. It ensures an optimum performance and easy maintenance. It also includes the display for the easy-to-use rear-view camera, which enhances visibility for a safe operation.

Additionally, an optional auto shutdown feature helps to prevent fuel wastage, as well as reduce noise levels, exhaust emissions and NOx levels of the ZW310-6-wheel loader.

Hitachi’s Global e-Service allows ZW310-6 owners to monitor their Hitachi machines remotely via an Owner’s Site (24/7 online access) and ConSite (an automatic monthly report). These help to maximise efficiency, minimise downtime and improve overall performance.

Nick, continued, “They are extremely good machines with a great ‘break-out’ force. We have had no major issues and our operators love them.”

The Woolfox operation:
Some short distance away is Bullimores second operation at Woolfox quarry. Here a 100,000t/annum of sub-base aggregate pass over the weighbridge. Originally material was removed by drilling and blasting but this has now been superceded by the utilisation of a Hitachi ZX490LCH-6 excavator.

Nick, added, “Although this operation is smaller to Collyweston it made sense to invest in the Hitachi ZX490LCH-6 excavator which can easily handle the material and feed into a small crushing and screening train.
It illustrates the faith we have in the brand and the fact that we would quite happily invest in more if and when needed.”

The ZX490LCH-6 excavator:
The ZX490LCH-6 has been created to offer the highest level of performance, but without compromising on the increasing demand for operational efficiency. Incorporating innovative and unique Hitachi technology, it delivers lower emissions and running costs, while offering higher levels of reliability.

The large Zaxis-6 excavators reinforce Hitachi’s reputation for the quality of its engineering and the durability of its products. The ZX490LCH-6 is the epitome of reliability, with incredibly versatile features that highlight its suitability for a variety of challenging working environments.

Unquestionable quality:
Continuous development of the Zaxis large excavators has ensured that Hitachi machines like the ZX490LCH-6   keep pace with the latest emissions regulations, and also set new industry standards in terms of performance, reliability, comfort and safety.

Reduced emissions are again achieved by a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system developed by Hitachi injects urea into exhaust gas to reduce NOx from emissions. This invaluable innovation not only helps the environment, but also complies with EU Stage IV emission regulations.

Long-term cooling and low-noise performance of the ZX490LCH-6 is taken care of by a new high-quality sealant around the cooling package and acoustic materials on the upper structure prevent deterioration caused by heat.

Safety at work is always at the top of the agenda and the ZX490LCH-6cab complies with TOPS and ROPS (tipover and roll-over protective structure) and CRES V (centre pillar reinforced structure) safety regulations. It is also pressurised to suppress the penetration of air and dust from the job site.

Operator comfort is well catered for in the interior of the spacious cab which has been designed with comfort in mind. Features include a fully adjustable seat, ergonomic controls and a drinks holder that maintains the temperature of drinks using warm or cooled air from the air conditioning system.

Bullimores and Hitachi invest in the future – a great team both with an excellent reputation!

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