Wind Shifters

A list of companies that supply and manufacture Wind Shifters to the Waste Recycling industry.

A windshifter is used to separate light from heavy materials with the use of an air stream. The separation is based on the difference in density and size of the materials. It can be used for fraction sizes of 5 – 500 mm and for high capacities.

The airstream is created by a ventilator and a nozzle. The separation drum in the windshifter provides the separation between the heavy and light materials. The light materials are blown over the separation drum and the heavy materials fall through the air flow, or hit the separation drum, and fall down. The separation drum rotates and is constructed from stainless steel so no magnetic particles get stuck to the drum.

  • Description: CRJ Services Ltd is a material processing equipment solutions provider, operating throughout the UK and Ireland. Renowned within the recycling, waste management and forestry industries for quality, in both the machine...
  • Ecohog are a family owned equipment manufacturer located in Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Operating on a global scale Ecohog have over 30 years’ experience supplying air and metal separation equipment to the waste and recycling sect...
  • With over 30 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing; EDGE Innovate has quickly become a global leader in the design and distribution of a range of equipment used in the recycling, materials handling and quarry industries....
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  • Letterkenny
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  • Athboy