Waste Recycling Balers

A comprehensive list of manufacturers and suppliers of Waste Recycling Balers.

Waste Recycling Balers allow the separation of various waste streams and the ability to then compact them. The operation of a Waste Recycling Baler is simple as you simply need to lift the metal cage door and dispose of your desired waste and then press a button to begin the compacting. A platen will then push down the waste to compact sizes. Metal hooks at the bottom door of the baler are welded in to ensure the bales are in compressed sizes, which will make sure they don’t spring back up.

Depending on the type of waste your business produces, there are a number of different models of Waste Recycling Balers that can tackle different types of waste, from plastic to cardboard and metal cans.

Not only do they compact waste robustly into tidy and small bundles that are tied together for easy disposal and handling, but recycling waste balers also bring a host of other advantages. They are designed to allow your businesses to conveniently sort through your waste at source to ensure that no cross-contamination will occur. What this means, is that each bale that is produced by a baler has ‘Green value’.

A  Waste Recycling Baler can easily feature in as part of a larger handling process for materials with conveyor shredders and systems.

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