McLanahan Modular Wash Plants

Experienced with modular wash equipment since the 1960s, McLanahan Corporation has the in-house expertise needed to develop wash plants that allow customers to meet their processing requirements. The company’s new line of modular wash systems – called the UltraWash – provide the reliability, simplicity and efficiency that producers need from a modular plant

All equipment that is part of the UltraWash Plants, including the vibratory screen, hydrocyclones, dewatering screen, sump and pump, is based on the company’s well-known, field-proven designs. UltraWash Plants provide a quick, easy-to-install processing system. UltraWash Plants are ideal for producers facing criteria such as planning permits, multiple locations, short-term deployment, or an unknown/variable feed stock (e.g. C&D waste streams applications) that make implementing a customized processing solution difficult.

That is where smaller footprint, skid-mounted modular plants such as the McLanahan UltraWash come in. The UltraWash allows operators earlier permitting and fast set-up, resulting in earlier returns on investment. These modular wash plants come in preassembled modules that are pre-wired and pre-plumbed for rapid, on-site deployment. They feature a fully integrated control system with remote operation.

Currently available in three sizes, the UltraWash can produce up to three aggregate products and up to two sand products. There is a single process water feed point, as well as a single effluent discharge point.

We currently offer several additional configurations and add-ons to the UltraWash, including:

  • Single or dual sand product
  • Feed preparation (log washer, blade mill, coarse material screw)
  • Attritioning module for specialty sand production
  • Organics removal module
  • Water treatment with high density or paste style thickener
  • Filter press for complete wastewater treatment

While there are a number of modular plant solutions available in the market, McLanahan is one of the only companies offering both custom and modular washing solutions. This, combined with years of processing design knowledge, provides unmatched industry expertise in providing the correct solution for your application.

McLanahan Corporation was founded in 1835 in Hollidaysburg, Pa., USA. Today, the company is in its fifth and sixth generations of family ownership with offices that provide local service and support in Asia, Australia, CIS, Europe, Latin America and North America.

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