Hercules HT212 Trommel is getting Norwegian rock ‘sorted’

Stelex Engineering Ltd, the world’s only manufacturer and supplier of the original ‘Hercules’ range of heavy duty trommel screens are pleased to have added to their machines operating in Norway.

The model HT212 was chosen due to its heavy duty features when working with a very abrasive feed material and for processing large rock sizes at high hourly rates.

The HT212 is rated up to 750 mtph and can accept a maximum lump size of 1050mm direct from a dump truck.  The heavy duty feed hopper is fully lined with wear-resistant steel plates.

The customer requires specific weights of rocks to be screened from the trommel barrel and this required the barrel to be designed specifically to suit these parameters while maximising the ‘open area’ of the screening surface.  The valuable experienced gained over many years means that the barrel is now lasting longer than ever.

A chute is fitted under the first half of the barrel that feeds the fines to a conveyor and away for further processing.

Chutes are fitted under the second half of the 8m-long barrel for separating the different product sizes ready for collection from bays on each side of the trommel.

The purpose-built power unit for the trommel allows the barrel rotation speed and feeder stroke rate to be changed very quickly and easily from the touch-screen panel. These parameters can be changed to suit the feed material characteristics and the weather conditions at different times of the year. The standard 20’ container used for the power unit provides a safe and lockable housing for the motors, pumps and associated hydraulic and electrical equipment.

The modular design of the trommel allows for simple installation and allows the trommel to be running very quickly after delivery to site from the company’s own factory based in the UK.

It would not have been possible to carry out this project with any other screening method than the trommel based on the large feed size, high tonnage rates required and large product sizes required.  This is even more evident with project containing high quantities of clay/contamination.

Hercules trommels are helping customers to reduce waste material within their quarries and extend the life of existing quarry reserves for years to come. Maximising their existing assets and output is particularly important in tough economic times and to help fulfil their sustainability obligations and Hercules trommels are happy to be part of this.


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