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surfaces and not flow down a sloped dribble chute. A tertiary position is sometimes required for difficult materials or critical applications such as conveying over wetlands. In such cases, the tertiary cleaners are often enclosed in a spray box and the effluent directed to a settling basin.
Belt Cleaning Pressure & Blade Wear
Without enough cleaning pressure, the blade cannot stay in contact with the belt, resulting in poor carryback removal effectiveness and increased blade and belt wear. With too much cleaning pressure, the cleaning performance declines due to deflection of the elastomeric blade or metal blade indentation into the rubber belt. Power consumption also increases dramatically with excessive cleaning pressure.
Keeping a belt cleaner properly tensioned is critical for maximum effectiveness and lowest cost of ownership. The cleaning pressure usually varies over time, based on the maintenance department’s attention or lack thereof. Some manufacturers have begun to offer automatic tensioners and wear indicators which maintain the optimum cleaning pressure and alert operators when blades are worn.
  Elastomeric primary blade pressure at a positive rake angle
Metal secondary blade pressure at zero rake angle
 Automatic tensioner maintains optimum cleaning pressure without operator intervention.
 Final Thoughts
Many belt cleaner systems are installed and forgotten. A survey of technicians indicated that about 25% of all belts have cleaners installed, and of that percentage only about 25% are properly maintained. Lack of inspection and maintenance results in a gradually lower level of effectiveness, higher operating cost and an increased exposure to the hazards associated with cleaning up carryback.
Effective belt cleaning starts in the design stage, with adequate space for cleaners and well-positioned work platforms for ergonomic inspection and maintenance access. Service-friendly designs improve production, minimizing carryback and prolonging the life of equipment. If the cleaners are located in the optimum positions and easy to access, it is more likely that regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance will be performed, delivering optimum results.
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