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STADLER’s fully automated bunker management system (ABMS) has been installed in some of the most advanced light packaging sorting plants, where the output systems benefit from the automation of the baling process and the precise weighing
of bales which result in optimal loading for transport.
The pursuit of a circular economy aiming for the ultimate goal of 100 percent reusable material is driving the demand for extremely high-purity recyclates that can compete with virgin material. STADLER is contributing to this evolution by designing and building state-of-the-art sorting plants capable of producing high-quality output that can be recycled into new products. Innovative thinking is the hallmark of its design teams and is applied to every phase of the process. The company is constantly looking at ways to further improve the operation, performance and efficiency of sorting plants.
STADLER developed its innovative fully automated bunker management system as part of the design of a state-of-the-art light packaging sorting plant. The bales are weighed to the customer’s specifications by weighing cells positioned under the bunkers. When the specified parameters are reached, the baling process starts automatically: the ABMS checks that the baling line is free and the baling press is ready, empties the bunker and transports the material to the target baler, which produces the bale to specification. The bale weight and material data are recorded in the system, where it can be accessed at any time.
The ABMS delivers multiple benefits: “There is no manual baling, and no staff members have to permanently operate the baler,” explains Tom Schmitt, Sales Manager at STADLER. “Also, the precise weight specification – and consequently bale lengths – enable optimal loading of the bales because they are always the same size, with the advantage of the most effective utilisation of transport.”
“The ABMS has been installed in our most advanced light packaging plants, where they are working very well,” concludes Tom Schmitt. “The ABMS can be integrated in existing plants with bunker systems, and only requires some adaptations such as the installation of load cells, sensors and software.”
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