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 Numerous enhanced design features, innovations and quality manufacturing from A-class materials ensure that CK balers are capable of processing higher quantities of materials. They also produce heavier bales while using less energy which results in the lowest possible operational costs.
AES Bord na Móna expectations were exceeded with the bale weights being achieved. AES Bord na Móna is processing the following dried mixed recyclables(DMR): OCC cardboard, PET and HDPE, aluminium cans, paper and pams. With the materials processed, ensuring no contamination is crucial. AES Bord na Móna are achieving optimum bale weights on their materials:
• OCC = 750kgs
• PET=650kgs
• Aluminiumcans=680kgs • Paper=700kgs
International Sales Manager, Natasha Mitchell stated: “When developing an MRF sorting plant for DMR and light packaging, waste compaction is a key consideration. It is hugely important to make decisions on the waste compaction equipment early in the process and opt for the most experienced manufacturer with quality products and rapid aftersales service to ensure maximum production and minimum downtime.
CK International’s products can be tailored to facilitate the customer’s specific application(s) and can be incorporated into new or existing processing configurations that experience difficult contaminates. The technology provides an alternative to manual sorting which is both exhausting and expensive. If you are in need of baling or compacting equipment, put your trust in CK International!
CK takes great pride in working with customers to specify the correct application and requirements. There is a high level of detail incorporated into the machines from the design team. When it comes to production, CK have invested heavily in their facilities to ensure that they have the best equipment to produce high-quality machines.
During the entire life cycle of your baler, CK International provides first-class service with an exceptional technical support, engineering and aftersales team to assist you with any problems both on-site and remotely. CK International have a remarkable aftersales team with 20 field service engineers responding to customers 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. By sharing knowledge and looking for the best solutions for your unique challenges, CK sets a goal to become your long-term partner for service and maintenance. Look at CK’s extensive baler range on for all your compaction and baling requirements.
 • PETandHDPEBottles–circa800kg • OCC–circa800kg
• Paperandpams–circa900kg
• Aluminiumcans-circa580kg
Durable in Dubai
Another recent customer of CK International’s is Dulsco’s MRF Plant in Ras Al Khor, Dubai. This state-of-the-art MRF in Dubai has a capacity of 80,000 tonnes per year and showcases CK's very own CKTR121-120T- 74kW Fully Automatic Twin Ram machine. This project, highlights CK International’s engineering and manufacturing fundamentals to
 Dulsco, alongside the expertise of neighbouring engineering company Kiverco, has helped the company grow their overseas business by more than 600 per cent in the past year alone.
The waste separation plant is capable of sorting 240 tonnes of multiple waste streams per day. Waste is sorted into different types of dry mixed recycling based on material type before going through various processes, depending on the type of waste. Recovered and separated material is then compressed in compact bales and sorted, ready for collection and further recycling. Dulsco is processing the following DMR: OCC cardboard, PET, aluminium cans and paper. With the materials processed, ensuring no contamination is crucial. Dulsco are achieving optimum bale weights on their materials: Sept/October 22 - Issue 76
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