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CK International has been transforming the world’s recyclable waste for 25 years
Why Bale?
CK International, a market leader in providing waste recycling solutions, manufactures an extensive range of robust, durable automatic balers. CK International has been transforming the world’s recyclable waste for 25 years and have installed approximately 1,000 horizontal balers throughout the UK and Ireland as well as numerous installations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
The waste and recycling market is continuously expanding globally as more countries are putting efforts towards reducing their total environmental impact. Therefore, there is more dependence on producer responsibility and CK International thrive on being experts in satisfying customers’ requirements, constantly developing more efficient, intelligent waste management solutions. More efficient intelligent waste management means greater savings for our customers. CK International’s SMART Baler performance system gathers and shares real-time data about the balers performance that allows customers to analyse throughput, uptime versus downtime and anticipate upcoming measures for improving operational efficiently.
Purity is powerful
With the increased demand for higher purity levels in recovered products, CK International are focused on retrieving multiple segregated waste materials with recyclable value for potentially more than one commodity, ultimately diverting recyclable waste and profits from landfill.
CK International supplied a Fully Automatic Twin Ram Baler which provides optimum bale weights on all materials to a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) customer in Ireland, AES Bord na Móna. The CKTR121-160T-110kW was specified because AES Bord na Móna had requested the need to bale multiple different materials in an ever-changing environment. The CKTR121-160T-110kW provides versatility when baling multiple commodity materials, ensuring the customer gets higher bale density throughputs while increasing return on investment (ROI). AES Bord na Móna process over 30,000 tonnes of material per year. They outlined a requirement for 12 tonne throughput per hour and maximum container weights. CK International provided the 110kW powerpack to ensure the throughput and 160 tonne compaction force to ensure the bale density was achieved. Moreover, the CKTR121-160T- 110kW comes with a 1.1m x 1.1m cross section bale aiding higher throughputs, decreasing transport loading times and saving 25% on wire costs over standard mill size bales.
CK International carried out a cost-saving exercise to prove that by investing in the CKTR121-160T-110kW the baler would save the company over £125K per year, and that the machine return on investment would be 2.6 years.
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