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 bauma 2022: SENNEBOGEN launches
battery-powered telescopic crawler
crane on the market
At bauma 2022, SENNEBOGEN will present the first battery-powered telescopic crawler crane: the 653 E Electro Battery. The new 50-ton battery-powered crane combines the benefits of battery technology with the proven advantages of the telescopic crawler crane concept: This means you work completely emission-free and remain maximally flexible thanks to the Dual Power Management System.
The machine, developed in collaboration with Dutch dealer Van den Heuvel, forms the first battery-powered telescopic crawler crane in the range. Through the close contact of the dealer Van den Heuvel with Dutch crane rental companies and construction companies, valuable market requirements from the progressive Dutch market were brought into the development partnership. The official product launch is scheduled for bauma 2022.
Maximum flexibility thanks to Dual Power Management System
With the 653 Electro Battery, you can work fully electrically on any type of construction site and for an unlimited period of time. This is because, like SENNEBOGEN’s battery-powered material handler 817 Electro Battery already launched on the
market at IFAT, the 653 Electro Battery electric crane equipped with a 210 kWh battery pack can be operated both in battery- only mode and while charging from the mains. As soon as the machine is connected to the mains, the mains power is used for lifting activities, excess power fed into the system simultaneously recharges the batteries.
Thus, in the future, you will not only continue to benefit on the construction site from the flexibility of the telescopic crawler crane itself, which is characterized by unique off-road mobility and maneuverability - even with a load on the hook - but now combine this with the technological advantages of SENNEBOGEN battery technology.
Zero emission on the construction site
The 653 Electro Battery is not only fossil fuel free, but also operates with less vibration and quieter than its diesel- powered counterparts. In addition to the positive carbon footprint, the machine has the added benefit of reduced service requirements, as maintenance procedures such as engine oil changes are completely eliminated.
On display at bauma 2022
The world premiere of the 653 Electro Battery will take place from October 24 – 30, 2022 at bauma in Munich. Discover the new battery crane and many other innovations at our booth at open-air site FM.712.
World premiere of the first battery-powered SENNEBOGEN telescopic crawler crane at bauma 2022: the 50-ton SENNEBOGEN 653 Electro Battery. Sept/October 22 - Issue 76
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