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  And on the crushing and screening side of things we can offer insight on machine set-up - having the screener level for instance improves throughput, thereby reducing the cost/tonne and the CO2/tonne. This maximises machine performance at the lowest cost level and we can prove this by analysing the data through our platform and feeding back information to drive behavioural change.
Infact, we'll be able to impact at all the core stages that a company must address as part of their net zero carbon strategy; stage 1 is measurement, stage 2 is defining actions in your own business to reduce carbon emissions, and stage 3 is reviewing your supply chain for their carbon emissions.
We're starting with ourselves; collecting data and applying powerful actions such as introducing electric cars and solar panels.
This is smart for the planet and smart for business too. We know that companies who don't take action to achieve net carbon zero emissions are fast becoming significantly less attractive to banks and investors than those who do, and the performance of your supply chain is a huge part in that. Because we can demonstrate that the third stage of the portal
offers advice to our suppliers, we are improving Molson Group's financial security from an ESG perspective.
How will the market react?
All of these changes are prompting huge advances in technology and behaviour, and the market will quickly realise the importance of tools for measuring and tracking performance.
Jason added “We’re working closely with manufacturers as they define the key drivers to change - I do not see a world where electric is going to be completely dominant due to the difficulties siting an electric feed or hydrogen tanks but right now, no one knows precisely what role diesel, electric or hydrogen will play.
As the conversations continue, we know that small changes can make immediate impact, “I believe at a local level that if each client can reduce their fuel burn by 2 litres/hr across their entire fleet, it will make them significant savings”. By giving businesses the tools, data, analysis and support they need to take the big decisions, Molson Group is playing a key role in transforming the sector.
Key part of the offering:
With 25 years’ industry knowledge, Molson Group realise that driving insight from data is the key to a sustainable future. Jason acknowledges “We offer advice with every machine we sell, so we can make a significant impact by offering the right equipment, at the right price, with the right strategy – all driven by the data we are now able to gather.
Technical expertise is critical – we have built a dozen-strong team whose sole focus is to analyse the data, not just within our company but from our customers as well. We’ve gone ‘live’ with half a dozen customers and are evaluating performance over the next three months, capturing feedback, ironing out any bugs and then a full launch with core modules being developed over the next 3-6 months”. Sept/October 22 - Issue 76
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