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                                                                                                      New Generation STORMAJOR® 2.0
• Available as a wheeled or tracked unit • Eliminates double handling
• Load or stockpile
• Effective dust control
• Large stockpiling capability
• Available as electric, diesel, or diesel/electric
                          MARTIN® CLEAN BELT SYSTEMS & SERVICES
Eliminate material carryback and increased cost of operation involving manual cleanup, damage to belts and systems, and downtime and lost production.
Martin® factory-direct clean belt systems
and services ensure your conveyor belts
are cleaner, safer, and more productive by providing unsurpassed cleaning performance and remote monitoring with industry-leading technology, experience, and knowledge.
Learn more at
                              ® Registered trademark of Martin Engineering Company in the US and other select locations. © 2021 Martin Engineering Company. Additional information can be obtained at and

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