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  Completing Sivyer’s operations is the McCloskey S250 Triple Deck Screener, a machine that raises industry standards to deliver truly outstanding results, both with throughput and quality.
As one of the largest track mobile screeners in the world, more true screening area is offered from the machine’s 22ft triple deck, high energy screen. This class leading screening area, along with its high energy screening action, ensures the McCloskey S250 used by Sivyer provides the very best aggregate from an uncompromised material screening process.
Support from McCloskey Equipment
Sivyer has worked closely with McCloskey Equipment throughout the development of their materials catalogue, utilising their collective knowledge from the materials’ processing and recycling industry.
“McCloskey machines offer fantastic performance; the quality of the product speaks for itself, with each running efficiently. I’ve worked with McCloskey Equipment for several years and they’ve always delivered, whether it’s been a routine service for a machine, or a bespoke addition for one of our specialist
processes. By combining our vision and R&D facilities with McCloskey Equipment’s knowledge and experience, we’ve been able to achieve something truly remarkable.”
The Amazon of Aggregates
The Sivyer company has come a long way over the last 160 years, and it is not about to slow down anytime soon. Simon Sivyer continued, “In 1862, we used horses and carts to move construction waste around Victorian London, today we use a fleet of grab-tipper lorries. Improvement is continuous and I am using technology to take our next step forward.
“We still do a lot of business over phone and email. It’s old- fashioned trading in a modern sophisticated company. Everything we do is forward thinking, from fleet management to material processing, but the way we trade doesn’t reflect this... yet. In 2022, we are launching a new user-friendly buying experience, the ‘Amazon of Aggregates’ if you like, a one-stop-shop where any customer can search, find and order the materials they need quickly and efficiently on our website. Not only will the streamline the buying process, but it will also promote sustainable, recycled alternatives next to traditional materials – and, for me, this is key.”
“This is personally important”
Leading the company his great-grandfather, George Hutchings, established will always be personal for Simon Sivyer, and the impact his business and customers have on the environment is part of that.
“This is personally important to me because it directly impacts the environment in which I live. I’m proud that, as a company, we have created sustainable, affordable options for the benefit of our customers and the environment. This is a big step forward in construction, one I hope others will follow.”
“Waste is complex, often a soup of mixed materials which, once upon a time, may not have been processed as it should. I’m sure there are still some companies out there still doing this now, but Sivyers is not one of them. We take our responsibility very seriously and share a passion for high standards. When a customer works with us, they can trust Sivyers to fully manage their responsibilities, and rely on our quality service, whether we are first on site to clear waste or delivering the final load of fully-recycled aggregates.” Nov-Dec 21 - Issue 71
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