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 We spoke to Lyndon Rushby (Managing Director at Jones Skips) about the new shredder: “Having run Doppstadt DW 3060 slow-speed shredders for the past 10 years we have complete trust in the Doppstadt brand. Do not get me wrong the 3060 was a fantastic machine but the only thing it lacked was a cleaning cycle and if the operator did not get in quick enough to clean the drum, the build of waste would wear the combs out. So, the fact that this new Type 6 Plus has a cleaning cycle is a massive plus for us.”
Lyndon continued by saying: “The Type 6 Plus is a lighter machine and is much easier to move around the yard, however the throughput is as good as if not better than the old 3060, despite the slightly smaller drum. The new machine is also much easier to do maintenance work on as the comb bar drops down easily and blockages are not a problem to sort. We brought it in on Demonstration for one day and we
liked it that much that we did not want to give it back, so we bought it there and then. Investment in industry leading
machinery such as the Doppstadt Type 6 Plus shows our commitment to being the number one recycling
company within the West Midlands”. Nov-Dec 21 - Issue 71
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