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  1. Use Factory-Approved Parts
When the weather is cold, it’s more important than ever to equip haulers with the right parts. A reliable starter motor, for example, ensures haulers fire up without problems even in low temperatures. All Rokbak Factory-Approved Parts have been designed and engineered precisely to maintain high performance and prevent unexpected downtime.
2. Select the right machine specification
If operating for prolonged periods of time in extremely low temperatures, options such as fluid heaters will make the hauler’s operation much more efficient. In winter, heavy rain and snow are also likely, so the hauler should be equipped with good windscreen wipers to maintain visibility and ensure safe operation.
3. Carry out regular inspections
Correct and frequent maintenance is crucial, especially in winter. A good routine for changing fluids or adjusting tyre pressure can make a big difference in keeping an articulated hauler in good shape, while quick daily inspections can
prevent accidental wear and tear. The Rokbak global dealer network offers dedicated on-site maintenance and support services and a pre-winter inspection is ideal for getting the new season off to a productive and profitable start.
4. Remove any dirt or salt
Dirt or mud on a hauler can freeze overnight in winter, becoming difficult to remove and potentially damaging to the machine. Salt and other products on roads after snow can also contaminate systems and cause erosion. A daily clean will protect the body and components of the hauler leading to a longer service life and lower repair costs.
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