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 Depending on the requirements of the processing plant, this can be a stand-alone facility or provide pre-treatment for a secondary process. Together with our partner KRONES, we can provide a complete mechanical pre-treatment and flake washing plant solution that would be ideal for a PET mix. In addition, we can evaluate the impact to existing MRFs and PRFs, which will have some of their input material diverted away by DRS and consequently will require rebalancing the processing flows of their existing facilities.”
STADLER has partnered with KRONES, a well-established name in the food and beverage industries, with the aim of harnessing the advantages of plastics recycling to benefit customers as simply and profitably as possible, offering a complete package – from sorting through to the washing process, to the creation of a new plastic product.
STADLER’s extensive know-how and experience gives it the capacity to recognize new requirements and design solutions to address them. For example, in a state-of-the-art project for the complete modernization of the PET sorting plant of
recycling management company RCS Rohstoffverwertung GmbH in Werne, Germany, it identified the new need of removing the bottle labels before sorting and developed a new Label Remover to provide a solution.
STADLER has also designed and built a high-capacity automated plant for Dansk Retursystem, which operates Denmark’s Deposit and Return System for beverage bottles and cans with the aim of recycling as many as possible into new ones. “This fully automated plant has the flexibility to process large volume flows of mixed bottles and cans and allows the customer to select different operating modes according to the requirements,” explains Dr. Eule. At the end of the line, balers compact the aluminium cans on one output line and PET bottles on the other.
There is a long way to go, in addressing the drinks packaging waste issue. However, companies such as STADLER have the technologies and expertise to help the recycling industry make significant strides towards achieving a true circular economy. Nov-Dec 21 - Issue 71
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