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   The filter press is equipped with a robot for high-speed plate shifting and shaking and for allocating the automatic cloth washer. There are no chains, sprockets, or any other complex and unreliable mechanisms for moving the plates. It is particularly important to highlight the scope of the plate shaker. It makes sure all cakes are dropped at the end of the cycle. Fraccaroli & Balzan was the first company to introduce this mechanism in the filtration business.
A full-length drip tray or a shorter moving drip tray is integrated in the filter press structure. Either way the collection of water during the washing cycle and access to the filter press for maintenance is guaranteed.
The electronics and software used for the filter press has been constantly improving using the most reliable and advanced
technologies. The filter presses are fitted with a PLC and all operations can be visualized and controlled remotely. With a local WIFI, the customer can use a tablet to control the filter press. As an alternative, the customer has the possibility to control the filter press remotely using any connection, for example their personal PC. With a dedicated app, we can control the touch screen from our smartphone.
If you are considering the washing of recycled aggregates or are looking for a solution for the dewatering of sludge from your existing process, please contact the team at Tyrone International.
Author – Fintan McKeever is MD of Tyrone International. Nov-Dec 21 - Issue 71
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