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 Special feature
   Agg Reclaim
A large Sennebogen range
  Hyundai machine fleet
A comprehensive line-up from Terex Finlay
“Once logged in the first screen you have an overview of your fleet - total operating hours, number of machines, working hours, idle time, CO2 emissions, fuel usage for the selected day, from this you can compare with other days and view any trends. In addition to this each machine has three colour traffic light codes advising the status – green, amber and red.
“Another option allows you to select the whole fleet or an individual machine to view the same categorised data. Your fleet can also be categorised into groups – ex: excavators, wheeled loaders or even by site. All this data can then be viewed in map mode with an additional zoom function to view the machines at that site and again select an individual machine to view specific data. To make identification easier when a machine is added into the system an illustration of that machine can also be included allowing instant recognition by either image or fleet number. Clicking into a single unit gives you all the same information.”
Rich confirmed, “An E-commerce site will also show all parts with numbers, exploded diagrams of every machine. You can find your fleet, access each individual machine, and view detailed catalogues relevant to every machine viewing all part numbers enabling ordering and delivery dates.”
Anticipated to go live in Q2 2022, Molson are testing and evaluating the system over a 3–6-month window with selected companies operating in several sectors.
Self-Service Portal Features & Functions:
John commented, “Having seen a demonstration of the new Molson Portal I can endorse that the demonstration shown to be by Rich was clear and easy to comprehend. A self-service portal is only as good as the information and features that are available. The information that will be available to Molson end-users is a subset of the knowledge base and tools that are available within the group to support the machine fleets. Content has been refined and curated for the end-user audience, as a result, the information, and tools that are presented through the Molson self-service portal are clear, easy to understand, and intuitive to use with little training. Nov-Dec 21 - Issue 71
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