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Post analogue – With the advent of e-commerce website and purchasing at the click of a button the new Molson Service Portal fits in perfectly. Without being cumbersome the functionality is clearly visible, and alongside a new parts website Molson are launching will provide them with the ability to monitor and react to situations, remotely at their convenience, in a well-mannered, uncomplicated way.
The portal is a presentation of information that will link into their parts website as well. A client looking at his machine(s) on the Molson Portal (which for example is not on a service contract), will note its status and if it is due a service then they will be able to click into that machine and order a service kit.
Although Molson encourage their clients to invest in a service contract which will facilitate planned maintenance, subsequently eliminating downtime and including a
comprehensive safety check at the same time.
Robin, continued,” Business is quite brisk with Molson Equipment, with the division picking up
considerable business in the Construction sector with Molson Young Plant Sales
in Scotland equally busy.
We have consistent growth across all our divisions; Molson Washing is picking
up well with the introduction of the innovative AggReclaim system and we have
had contract wins on CDE for full scale washing plants. Molson Finlay is also doing well, as is Molson Green who are picking up
several blue-chip contracts. Kobelco for instance now has 15% market share which compared with
pre-covid is a massive leap forward!
More specifically, Molson Washing have just completed a contract in Tilbury docks and commissioned a AggReclaim recovery system for PJ Thory at
Peterborough and Green has delivered a Sennebogen 870 to the Port of Tilbury.”
Fleet dashboard
Individual machine
Individual machine parts
Molson Group Service Portal:
Rich Payne – Business Intelligence Manager for the Molson Group explained to me how this works, “For example if you were running six machines all built by different manufacturers, in a site we would take the raw data (which would come from all the different manufacturers’ telematic solutions) and transform it in to a standard format. The client can then customise individual machines identifying them by their own existing fleet numbers.
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