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 Mobile Quarry
Equipment feature story
 “Operators can spend up to eight hours in the machine each day, and usually the terrain they’re operating on isn’t the best. That’s why a comfortable cab is important and can help operators to stay focused on the job, resulting in faster cycle times.”
Terex Trucks’ spacious ROPS/FOPS compliant cab has been designed with pressurised properties, helping to avoid fatigue. The ergonomic layout of controls and instrumentation make the cab a pleasant work environment, which is also supported by a fast, responsive HVAC system that keeps the temperature inside the cab at a comfortable level.
 To improve handling and ensure a smooth ride, Terex Trucks haulers are equipped with a suspension system and cushioned steering cylinders. The TA300 comes with a true independent front suspension as standard for ultimate comfort on the roughest terrain.
When it comes to maintenance, simplicity counts
Finally, operators should consider the ease with which maintenance checks can be carried out. Service interventions should be quick to keep the machine working and earning. Terex Trucks haulers are designed to keep both service time and costs to a minimum. Ground level test points and a fully tilting cab ensure easy access, and technicians can comfortably reach all engine service points thanks to an electronically raised hood.
To extend the time between routine maintenance and reduce operating costs, Terex Trucks has extended the TA400’s transmission service interval to 6,000 hours, thanks to high- performance oil. The TA300 boasts an extended transmission
service interval of 4,000 hours. The haulers are equipped with magnetic suction filters, which prevents contaminants from entering the hydraulic system. As a result, the hydraulic oil stays cleaner, and combined with a hydraulic oil service of 4,000 hours, customers benefit from maximum uptime, extended periods between maintenance as well as prolonged hydraulic component lifecycles.
Trusted partner
“Efficiency, performance and low cost of ownership play a crucial role when operators select a machine,” Kenny concludes. “Built to deliver high performance our customers can rely on, our Terex Trucks haulers are an ideal partner for contractors to complete any upcoming projects efficiently and on schedule. This way, we will play an important role in boosting customers’ productivity and do our part in supporting the industry’s recovery after a challenging 2020.” July-Aug 21 - Issue 69
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