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   Completing the fleet are five McCloskey S130s, each with an individual role in the operation. Two machines support the S190s in the production of concrete sand. The other three machines are used to create single size aggregate, add lime to product or to reclaim stone from scalping operations.
Marshall Cleave, Director of Brookland Sand and Aggregates, commented; “To reach one million tonnes of product in 12 months is an achievement, but to do it in the midst of a pandemic is incredible. At the heart of it are our McCloskey machines; they have consistently out-performed rivals producing clean, ready-to-use end products.
“We have worked with McCloskey Equipment since 2010 and they have always been a fantastic partner for us; from the provision of new machines to providing technical support and supplying service and wear parts, they have always delivered. Being down in Cornwall, we are a long way from anybody, but whenever we’ve needed something, they have been there. Put simply, without these McCloskey machines and the support of McCloskey Equipment, we wouldn’t have been able to deliver this amount of quality product or grow as we have.”
Tim Watson, Marketing Manager, McCloskey Equipment added: “We are delighted to hear of Brookland Sand and Aggregates’ milestone achievement and proud to have been an integral part of their success. When we delivered the first McCloskey machine in 2010, an S190, the business was operating at 250,000 tonnes per annum. That S190 was still in service until recently, supporting Brooklands Sand and Gravel’s growth for more than a decade. With their new J50 Jaw Crusher, they can continue this trend, turning what would otherwise be waste material into consistent, clean, shaped, saleable product that meets every standard and is utilised across the UK.” July-Aug 21 - Issue 69
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