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 Multiple Brands, One Universal
Attachment Chain
No matter what brand of chain you use, Donghua’s Universal Attachment Chain will replace 99% of other manufacturers’ chain.
Chain manufacturers typically build attachments unique to their own brand making it difficult to replace with a different make. However Donghua, one of the world’s largest chain manufacturers, has designed a range of Attachment Chain that does just that.
Their Universal Attachment Chain is designed specifically for the UK’s distribution market, providing a unique ‘one chain fits all’ solution.
Bob Wellsbury, managing director of Donghua Limited, explains “Because our Universal Attachment Chain has the same critical dimensions as other manufacturers’ chain, distributors and end-users are no longer tied into using the same brand for replacement chain.”
Donghua’s Universal Attachment Chain is built in their UK headquarters. The facilities allow for quick turnaround of standard Attachment Chain and the design & build of bespoke Attachment Chain.
Their workshop includes a Chain Length Measuring Machine which measures chain to within 10 microns per metre and is capable of measuring up to five metres of chain at a time.
Chain with little or no pre-load will have increased initial elongation before it levels off. To reduce initial elongation often found in ‘in-house’ built chain, Donghua’s Pre-loading machine pre-stretches their Attachment Chain to provide the best possible service and fatigue life.
When two or more chains are used in parallel, Donghua’s Matching Machine matches chain to within a close tolerance for correct tensioning to help ensure attachment links engage with the sprockets together to eliminate undue stress which can cause fatigue failure of attachments.
By ensuring Attachment Chain is measured, pre-loaded and matched, Donghua’s Attachment Chain is ready-to-fit from the box. Add a 72 hour turnaround to quote & deliver, you can see why Donghua’s Attachment Chain has become a popular choice in the UK.
With a 25,000 sq ft warehouse stocking common builds of Attachment Chain and loose attachments, plus a network of UK Product Partners and Stockists with their own stock, there’s plenty of Attachment Chain available to supply the UK market.
For more information visit: or call 01902 866200.
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