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   The Mid-size fraction is transferred to the THM ECS-2000 to recover residual Ferrous metals (screws, bolts, nails) with the onboard drum magnet and then valuable non-ferrous metals (Al, Cu, Brass) with the 2m wide Eddy Current Separator.
Finally the residual fraction (non-metallic) from the THM ECS 2000 is fed to the EH1500 SMP Windshifter to separate the heavy stone/aggregate material from light material such as Wood, Plastic and Fluff that could be used in SRF/RDF supply.
Mr. Mikko Brandt, Managing Director of Salon Hyötykäyttö Oy had this to say “I am very happy with the line, everything has worked well with Ecohog. Ecohog has been very flexible with our requests and we have got a line that works as planned and as promised”.
Tristam Hubbard-Miles, Global Sales Director of Ecohog Ltd said “We’re really grateful to continue our long standing with Salon Hyötykäyttö and Luminer and welcomed the opportunity to supply a complete Ecohog C&D plant downstream. This plant has become a flagship reference site
for a wide range of Ecohog sorting technologies and showcases our determination to continually work with customers and help generate maximum revenue for them.”
Kari Strandvall, Managing Director of Luminer Oy further commented saying “It has been a pleasure to co-operate with Ecohog and Salon Hyötykäyttö Oy and to be able to deliver this kind of line. The line became just as we planned together with Ecohog and the customer”.
In conclusion, Ecohog have been able to offer a full mobile and modular downstream combination of systems to minimise waste material to landfill and maximise revenue for the customer. Please see our video of the machines in operation in Finland here- Ecohog Machines on C&D Waste Facility in Finland.
If you have a waste sorting problem, Ecohog can provide the solution! Get in contact today on 0044 (0) 28 80761295 or email us at July-Aug 21 - Issue 69
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