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Ecohog have the finnishing touch
Salon Hyötykäyttö Oy is the perfect example of Ecohog separation technologies working in harmony to maximise performance and revenue for customers.
This C&D waste recycling facility utilises:
- Lindner Urraco 75 Shredder
- Ecohog EST 8220 modular dual screen trommel
- Ecohog QCS-1200 quality control cabin
- Ecohog EH1500 SMP Windshifter
- Ecohog THM ECS-2000 mobile Eddy Current Separator
The C&D Waste stock pile is grab fed into the Lindner Urraco shredder for size reduction and densification. It is then delivered to the EST 8220 dual screen Trommel to remove a Fines 0-20mm fraction and a Mid-size 20-90mm fraction. The Fines are stock piled and the Mid-size and Oversize +90mm fractions travel downstream for further recovery processes.
The Oversize fraction is transferred to the QCS-1200 mobile picking station with onboard dual action Blower/Suction
Airhog system and Overband magnet. The Airhog system removes light trash material such as Paper, Cardboard, cloth and foil prior to the picking cabin where this is also a secondary suction hood to remove residual light trash material. The picking cabin features 2-bays for 4-person manual sorting of valuable commodities such as wood, plastic, stone, rubber before the Oversize material is discharged under an overband magnet to recover Ferrous (steel) metals.
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