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   new machines. The new machine has been a great choice which has been backed up by Neutron who are helping us fine tune to optimise the maximum specification of the end product.
Jamie Francis – Neutron Regional Sale Manager, added, “The Eggersmann Terra Select T60 has been supplied with a full- service package which entails a monthly check. JM also complete daily checks and liaise directly with the Neutron service team to confirm maintenance specifications, correct oils & lubes etc to keep the equipment operating efficiently.
Additionally, general checks are done throughout the week which builds information into the monthly plan allowing us to be fully aware and, in a position, to deliver that monthly service.”
Rob, added, “We supply in bulk to reprocessors who in turn supply all the big garden centres in the market which has seen pretty much a constant demand for the last 10-15 years; this is also now increasing slowly due to the maturity of the industry. People are generally becoming more confident with the knowledge it has come from a waste product which has seen a lot of research and work go into that final product.
“The big question is how the UK is managing its peat free or reduced peat product which is the big issue and a process like ours can feed into that and offer a peat free product.
“As a group we process 160 – 200k tonnes/yr. of this material across our sites which gives you some idea of the scale and the efforts that JMG are making in helping push everything in the right direction.”
Above the basic industry specification:
Rob continued, “We look at our sites as treatment facilities and operate almost like a factory, it starts at the beginning, and we go through a process and a quality product which is above the basic industry specification comes out at the end. To maintain this, we will put OEM’S like Eggersmann under pressure to ensure the machine works faultlessly to produce the desired quality of the end-product.”
“The Neutron team have assisted us faultlessly in the short time we have had the machine and we are very pleased with the support and service we receive.”
 Eggersmann Terra Select T60:
High throughput performance and many innovative design solutions are the striking features of the Terra Select T 60, while its high-performance motor runs fuel and energy- efficiently. The engine has sufficient power reserves to operate additional optional equipment such as star screening decks or windsifters. The pivoting infeed unit makes the daily manoeuvring of the machine easy for the personnel.
The Terra Select T 60 trommel screening machine is equipped with a powerful industrial diesel motor (75 kW power). The trommel, with a length of 5,500 mm and a diameter of 2,200 mm, provides impressive screening performance of up to 200m3/h. The positive fitting drive for the infeed conveyor belt stops and starts automatically depending on the amount of material in the drum, preventing an overloaded screening drum. Special features are an optional extra-long fine grain belt 8,060mm, a 33m2 screening area, and a powerful 75 kW diesel motor. July-Aug 21 - Issue 69
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